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International Loch Teams:

Fishers, the Lake of Menteith Fishery, WFFC 2009, 7plus7 Construction and Glencorse Reservoir are the main sponsors of the Spring and Autumn International Teams in 2014. Fishers have provided support for the teams since 2011 and in 2012 elected to sponsor the teams for 5 years. This is the sixth year that the Lake of Menteith has sponsored the teams and WFFC 2009 are sponsoring the teams for their fourth year and we are grateful to Fishers, the Lake of Menteith, WFFC, 7plus7 Construction and Glencorse Reservoir for their continued support. The funding provided by them will be used to reduce the costs that would otherwise have to be paid by the individual team members.

The Fishers website can be viewed at
The Lake of Menteith website can be viewed at
The Glencorse Reservoir website can be viewed at
The 7plus7 Construction website can be viewed at

BVG Airflo and Flyfish Europe have sponsored the international loch teams for a number of years and will also do so again in 2014. Click on BVG Airflo or Flyfish Europe to go to their websites. We are also pleased to welcome C.E.F, Newey & Eyre, Alba Glass & Glazing, The Edinburgh Mortgage Company Ltd, Jewson, MGM Timber Scotland Ltd, Magnet Trade, RGMC Properties Ltd, Vencomatic Group, Water-Weights and Sig Roofing Supplies as sponsors of the 2014 Loch Teams. Click on CEF or Newey & Eyre or Sig Roofing or Alba Glass or MGM Timber or Magnet or Water-Weights or Vencomatic or Jewson to go to their websites. The Edinburgh Mortgage Company can be contacted at 0131 660 9738 and RGMC Properties Ltd can be contacted on 01224 810375.

International Rivers Team:

The International Rivers Team for 2014 will be sponsored by the Borders Gunroom and BVG Airflo. Please visit the website of these sponsors on Borders Gunroom or BVG Airflo .

Scottish National Trout Fly Fishing Championship

The 2014 Scottish National Trout Fly Fishing Championship will be sponsored for a second time by Ridgeline UK. The Ridgeline products can be viewed by clicking on Ridgeline.
Ridgeline will be joined in 2014 by Glen Garioch. Their website can be visited by clicking on Glen Garioch

Scottish Club Championship:

In 2014 the Scottish Club Championship will be sponsored once again by Angling Active and we welcome Glen Garioch as a sponsor of the Championship this year.. Their websites can be visited by clicking on Angling Active or Glen Garioch.

Champion of Champions:

Glen Garioch will also sponsor the Champion of Champions and in 2014 will join Snowbee as sponsors of this competition. Click on Snowbee or Glen Garioch to view their websites.

The SANACC Committee wish to thank these sponsors for supporting our teams and competitions and it would be appreciated if our members would in turn support them.

Flybox Raffles

The Spring and Autumn Teams are tying flies which will be put in two presentation fly boxes each of which will contain 140 flies. These boxes will be raffled during the 2014 season with raffle tickets for the first box being available at the National Championship Heats prior to the Spring International and tickets for the second box being available at the heats and semi finals prior to the Autumn International. The boxes are once again being provided by the Glasgow Angling Centre.

Spring Team Fly Box Raffle

140 flies in a presentation box prepared by the 2014 Spring International Team going to Lough Owel was the prize in a raffle that was drawn at Carron Valley Fishery after the heat of National Championship there on 8th May. Tickets for the raffle were sold at each of the National heats starting with the first heat at the Lake of Menteith on 22nd April. The raffle raised 433 all of which will go towards paying the costs of the International that the team members would otherwise have had to pay themselves. The Team wish to thank everyone who bought tickets.

The winning ticket holder is Andrew Robertson of The Dundee Angling Club. Andrew bought his ticket on 22nd April before he competed in the first heat at Menteith. He secured the final qualifying place that day and has opted for Lintrathen for his sem-final. It is looking like things are going well for Andrew at the moment and with the help of these flies this could be his year.

If you have had not the opportunity to buy a ticket for a fly box raffle or want to try again then don't despair. The Autumn Team going to Llyn Brenig have also prepared a box and raffle tickets will be on sale starting at Loch Leven on 20th May and will be available at all the remaining heats and semi-finals. It will be drawn at the last of the semi-finals at the Lake of Menteith. Tickets are only 1 per go and again all of the proceeds will go towards paying the costs of the Autumn Team that the team members would have had to pay themselves.

Andrew Robertson with his fly box

Black Loch Fundraiser - Sunday 23rd March

Our fundraisers finished for the year with a competition at Black Loch Fishery. The 26 competitors were faced with bright conditions with a bitterly cold wind but neither the sun nor the chill put off the fish. Black Loch Fishery donated a cup and a shield for this fundraiser and we are grateful to Scott and George from the fishery who laid on a lunch, tea and coffee and made the competitors welcome. Black Loch Fishery is well worth a visit and their facilities can be viewed on their website at

The top rods on the day were Ken Oliver and Ian Dobbie who had 6 fish each but as Ken's longest fish was bigger than Ian's by 1/4 of an inch he took the top spot.

In third place with 5 fish was David Paterson. The longest fish on the day was 30 inches and was caught by Scott Aitken.

The Spring and Autumn Teams wish to thank all the anglers who took part in the fundraisers at Park View, Markle, New Haylie and Black Loch and also wish to thanks all of the businesses and individuals who donated prizes and purchased raffle tickets.

photo: Ken oliver with
his prizes

Ian Dobbie - 2nd

David Paterson - 3rd

Scott Aitken - heaviest fish

Black Loch Fishery
Sunday 23rd March







Ken Oliver



Ian Dobbie



David Paterson



Scott Aitken



Craig Osborne



Campbell Morgan



Murray Hunter



Jamie Picken



Ian Wilson



Jock Kettles



Ronnie Robb



Wullie Osborne



Russell Dixon



Mick Tait



Sam Montgomery



Colin MacDonald



Peter Batchelor



Allan Martin



Ronnie Picken



Brian Kennedy



Derek Sibson


Jim Youngman


Gary Hamilton


Dennis Splaine


Adam McAdam


Davie McAllister


New Haylie Fundraiser - Sunday 23rd February

Andy Dunn (Autumn Team Captain) organised the third of our fundraisers at New Haylie Fishery and we wish to thank all of the competitors who braved the conditions to take part. The competitors were met with a howling gale when they arrived but with the arrival of the rain the wind softened to just a gale. Conditions improved during the day and by the end of the competition it would be best described as cold and blustery. However the fish were not put off by a bit of wind and were caught steadily throughout the session on a variety of methods including dries.

Prizes for the event were donated by Hywell Morgan, Paul Davison, Dave Downie, Steve Cullen, Dalbeattie AC, Robert Chisolm, Dounreay AC, Harelaw Fishery, Kilmarnock FC, Iain Barr, Scott Kane and the Glasgow Angling Centre and we are grateful to them for their support. The competitors were well looked after by George and Senga of New Haylie Fishery and we wish to thank them for providing quality fishing and excellent catering. New Haylie Fishery can be contacted at 01475676005 and their website is at

Top rod with 18 fish was Wullie Leach. Wullie, who captained the team that took gold at the Autumn International at the Lake of Menteith, was stepping up on his second place at our fundraiser at Parkview earlier in the month.

Greg Donnelly (2014 Autumn Team) was second at Colin Macdonald (2014 Spring and Autumn Team) was third.

top: Wullie Leach receiving his winners
prizes from Andy Dunn

left: Greg Donnelly

right: Colin Macdonald

SANACC International Loch Teams Fundraiser Cup
Markle Fishery - Saturday 8th February 2014

The 2014 International Team Fundraiser Cup was held at Markle Fishery on Saturday 8th February and was organised by Nigel Burns and Jock Kettles. Sixty competitors made their way to the East Lothian venue hoping to win the trophy or one of the prizes going to the captors of a tagged fish. The day started off well with a bright sun and a moderate but chilly breeze. As the day wore on the clouds gathered and the wind strengthened but fortunately it stayed dry. The fishing started just after 9am and by ten past nine two anglers had netted fish. The fishing slowed down gradually in the afternoon as it grew colder but by the 3pm finish 245 fish had been caught.

Four competitors reached double figures with the trophy being won by the Spring Team's Shane Kelly who had 14 trout. In second place with 12 trout was Laurie Taylor and the third spot was taken by last years' winner Martin Smith with 10 fish. Stevie Cochrine was fourth with his 10 fish and Gordon Fisher and Stevie Welsh were 5th and 6th with 9 fish. Tagged fish were caught by Brian Mackenzie and Derek Pozzi who each received a bottle of whisky.

The competitors were well looked after throughout the day by the fishery staff of Jonathon, Jimmy and Tam and the warm lunch provided by Jonathon and Nigel Burns was greatly appreciated. Markle Fishery can be contacted at 01620861213 and their website can be visited at

The main sponsors of the fundraiser were Fishers and Flybox with pegs being sponsored by James Haig & Sons. The main auction item was a box of flies tied by Orkney anglers. Prizes were also provided by Johnstons of Elgin, Peter Scott Scotland, Hawick Knitwear, Love Cashmere, Arthur Rafferty and Hughie Blackwood. Many of the competitors also donated prizes and the two loch teams wish to thank all of the competitors and everyone who donated items for prizes, raffles and the auction.

Johnstons of Elgin

Peter Scott Scotland

Hawick Knitwear

Love Cashmere

Shane Kelly with
the winners trophy

Laurie Taylor
in second place

3rd place
Martin Smith

4th place
Stevie Cochrane

5th and 6th
Stevie Welsh and
Gordon Fisher

Tagged fish winners
Derek Pozzi and
Brian Mackenzie


The fundraisers for 2014 got underway at Parkview Fishery on Sunday 2nd February and we wish to thank Wullie Simpson for organising this event which had a distinctly international feel about it. Twenty three competitors dusted down their rods and reels, added their winter woolies and headed for Parkview where they found that there were quite a few monsters to be found amongst the hard fighting fish. An international team could have been drawn from these competitors and the top three rods were all in the team that lifted the Gold Medal at the 2013 Autumn International at the Lake of Menteith.

Top rod was Ray Anderson with 10 fish. Ray looks like starting off 2014 the way he rounded off 2013 when he was the Brown Bowl winner at Menteith's Autumn International. Close behind with 9 fish was the captain of that 2013 Autumn Team, Wullie Leach, who is still wearing that smile from last September. Freshened up after a winter break, John Buchanan showed that he is as good in the Spring from the bank as he is from a boat in the Autumn when he took the third spot with 8 fish. John finished up 2013 by winning the Champion of Champions following his part in lifting the Gold Medal for Scotland at Menteith and also from the 2012 Autumn International at Brenig where he was the Brown Bowl winner when Scotland took the Gold Medal there.

The heaviest fish of day weighed 9lb 4ozs and was caught by Ray Anderson.

The funds raised at Parkview will go a long way to helping the 2014 teams that are going to Logh Owel and Llyn Brenig and the teams wish to thank all the competitors and all those that donated prizes or bought raffle tickets. Parkview Fishery can be contacted at 01337831810.

photographs: left-Ray Anderson........................ centre-Wullie Leach.......................... right-John Buchanan

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