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International Loch Teams:

Fishers, the Lake of Menteith Fishery, WFFC 2009, Peek Imtech, Glen Maree Contracts Ltd and 7Plus7 Construction are the main sponsors of the Spring and Autumn International Teams in 2013. Fishers have provided support for the teams since 2011 and last year elected to sponsor the teams for 5 years. This is the fifth year that the Lake of Menteith has sponsored the teams. WFFC 2009 and 7Plus7 Construction are sponsoring the teams for their third year and we are grateful to Fishers, the Lake of Menteith, WFFC and 7Plus Construction for their continued support. This is the first year that Peek Imtech and Glen Maree Contracts Ltd have sponsored the teams. The funding provided by them will be used to reduce the costs that would otherwise have to be paid by the individual team members.

The Fishers website can be viewed at
The Lake of Menteith website can be viewed at
The 7Plus7 Construction website can be viewed at
The Peek Imtech website can be viewed at

BVG Airflo and Flyfish Europe have sponsored the international loch teams for a number of years and will also do so again in 2013. Lochgilphead & District AC sponsored the teams in 2012 and we are pleased to report that that they will do so again in 2013. We are pleased to welcome R. Clouston Ltd, Kirkwall, Glencorse Reservoir and Principal & Prosper as team sponsors this year. Click on BVG Airflo or Flyfish Europe or R. Clouston or Glencorse Reservoir or Principal & Prosper to go to their websites

International Rivers Team:

The International Rivers Team for 2013 will be sponsored by CDS, Emtec Building Services FES Ltd and Fly-Fishing World. Please visit the website of these sponsors on CDS or Emtec or Fes or Fly-Fishing World

Scottish National Trout Fly Fishing Championship

The 2013 Scottish National Trout Fly Fishing Championship will be sponsored by Ridgeline UK who are providing a Razorback Soft Shell Jacket to the winner of each heat and a Ridgeline Monsoon Smock for the winner of each semi final. The Ridgeline products can be viewed by clicking on Ridgeline.

Scottish Club Championship:

In 2013 the Scottish Club Championship will be sponsored once again by Angling Active. Their website can be visited by clicking on Angling Active. We wish to welcome Inver House Distillers to our sponsors this year. Inver House are presenting their Highland Single Malt scotch whisky, Speyburn, to the winners throughout the series. Their website can be visited by clicking on Inver House Distillers

Champion of Champions:

In 2013 the Scottish Club Champion of Champions will again be sponsored by Snowbee. Click on Snowbee to view their website. In addition to sponsoring the Scottish Club Championship, Inver House Distillers will also sponsor the Champion of Champions. Their website can be visited by clicking on Inver House Distillers

The SANACC Committee wish to thank these sponsors for supporting our teams and competitions and it would be appreciated if our members would in turn support them.

Fly Box Raffle

The Team going to the Spring International at Bewl tied 140 flies which were put in a presentation box and raffled at the first six heats of the National. The draw was done at Carron on 9th May and the box was won by
Kenny McClymont of Ardrossan Eglinton AC. The box is now on its way to Kenny and no doubt the contents will be put to good use during the next few months. The proceeds will be put towards the costs that the team members would otherwise have had to pay themselves. Many thanks to everyone who bought tickets. If you didn't manage to buy a ticket or were unsuccessful don't despair as there will be another box of flies, this time tied by the Autumn Team, which will start at heat 7 at Leven on 21st May. The proceeds from that raffle will go to the Autumn Team.

Fundraisers at Markle, Parkview and New Haylie

The 2013 fundraisers got off to a flying start at Markle and Parkview Fisheries on the Saturday and Sunday of 2nd and 3rd February and finished at New Haylie on Saturday 9th February. This year the weather was kind to us with all three competitions being able to go ahead on the booked dates. It was cold on all days but if you could find the sun and hide from the wind it was very pleasant. Piping hot soup and pies at lunchtime warmed those that couldn't find the sun.

The 2013 international loch teams wish to thank the many organisations that provided sponsorship or prizes, the competitors who took part on the day and the staff at all three fisheries who provided superb fishing.

Peg Sponsors:-

Fyne Tackle Tel: 01546 606878


Fence'N'Deck Tel: 01592 772455

A & M Locksmiths

A & M Locksmiths Musselburgh
Tel: 0131 665 1119

R & J Taxis

R & J Taxis, Musselburgh
Tel: 0131 6652020

Rock Cafe

Rock Cafe, Dunoon
Tel: 01369 702508

Prizes donated by:-

Fishers Direct
Tel: 01968 672877

Tel: 08008620117

Country Life

Tel: 0131 3376230

Tel: 07949295968

Raith Lake
Tel: 01592 646466

Allandale Tarn
Tel: 01506 873073

Fords Fly Tying

Fords Fly Tying
01505 337677

Anglers Creel

Anglers Creel
Tel: 07720166677

Craftye Fisherman

Craftye Fisherman
Tel: 0131 5511224

Iain Barr Flyfishing
Tel: 07802567205

Outdoor Game & Tackle

Outdoor Game & Tackle
Tel: 01592 651800

Outdoor Game & Tackle

The Belhaven Group

The Belhaven Group


Dounreay Fly Fishing Association



Ronnie Glass, captain of the Spring Team made a trophy from a Lake of Menteith trout and donated it to raise funds for the teams. The trophy was purchased by Gus Armour who had it engraved and donated it back to be awarded annually to the winner of this competition.

The winner at Markle and the first recipient of the trophy was Martin Smith who had 11 fish. Martin won by one fish from Stevie Anderson who caught and released 10 fish. Andrew Glasgow and Wullie Brash were third and fourth with 8 fish while Gus Armour came close to winning the trophy with his 8 fish. Where there was tie with the number of fish the final placings were determined by the times of the first fish caught. A total of 250 fish were caught and released.

photo: Martin Smith receiving the trophy
from SANACC Chairman Jock Kettles

Second Place
Stevie Anderson

Third Place
Andrew Glasgow

Fourth Place
Wullie Brash

Fifth Place
Gus Armour

Markle Result



Not content with running the heat at Markle on the Saturday, SANACC Chairman Jock Kettles travelled north on the Sunday to take part in the competition at Parkview and in a very tight finish he just shaded out Rab Maxwell to be top rod. Both Jock and Rab had 10 fish but with Jock's best fish going to the scales at 10lb 4oz it was just too good for the 9lb 6oz fish caught by Rab. S Bonner was third with 8 fish.

It was a superb day at Parkview with 74 fish being caught and released. Nine of the 74 fish were over 7lbs. Mr Bonner also had the heaviest fish which weighed in at 10lb 5oz.

photo: Jock receives first prize from the
committee rep for Fife Ian Wilson

Second Place
Rab Maxwell

Third Place and Heaviest Fish
S Bonner

Result from Parkview

New Haylie

Thirty competitors contested the third fundraiser at New Haylie on Saturday 9th February and between them they caught and released 201 fish. The trout were moving throughout the day and although there were hotspots at a couple of pegs, fish were caught in most areas. With representatives from most of the Scottish International groups taking part this was never going to be an easy fundraiser to win.

Top rod was the Youths Secretary, Andy Boylan with 17 fish. Second with 16 fish was Nigel Burns who was the Captain of the 2012 Loch Team that took gold at Brenig. In third place was Peter Edge with 13 fish. Kevin Andrews from the 2012 Stillwater team was fourth with 12 fish and Jock Kettles also from the 2012 Loch Team that took gold at Brenig was fifth with 11 fish.

photo: Wullie Leach (Captain of the 2013 Autumn Team)
presents the winners prizes to Andy Boylan

photo: Nigel Burns
receiving second prize

photo:Peter Edge
receiving third prize

photo: Fourth place
Kevin Andrews

photo: Fifth place
Jock Kettles


New Haylie

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