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120th Scottish National Trout Fly Fishing Championship


Sixty one anglers who had fought their way through the qualifying heats in the prelims in April and May and the semi finals in June and July contested the National Final at the Lake of Menteith on Saturday 15th September. The competition to be nominated the 2012 Scottish National Trout Fly Fishing Champion was fierce and also at stake was a place in the teams representing Scotland in the 2013 Spring and Autumn Internationals with the top eighteen being guaranteed a spot in one of the teams. The competition was fished on a partial catch and release basis with the the first three trout being retained and 2lbs being awarded for each trout caught and returned thereafter. The weight of any large fish was capped at 4lbs.

The Lake of Menteith had set aside the boats on the Thursday and Friday to give the finalists the opportunity to practice and the competitors that were able to go out on those days were faced with strong winds. On competition day the wind was still blowing but although it wasn't as strong as it had been the previous two days it was strong enough to suggest that two days of practice would not be wasted.

Our Appreciation

The success of the competition is dependent on the many people who give up their time to assist with the management of the event and the organisations and their staff which provide us with support. At the start of the day the competitors were piped off by
Stewart Marshall and at the end of the day Eleanor and Ian Campbell did the weigh-in for us and produced a printed set of results for each of the competitors. Thirty two men acted as boatmen and port angler and we are grateful to Eleanor, Ian, Stewart and the boatmen/port angler for their assistance. The top boatman on the day was John Brown who was out with Boat 27 which was occupied by James Litster of Neilston FF and Derek Purves of Bank of Scotland East AC who between them netted 16 trout.

photo: Best Boatman John Brown

The Glasgow Angling Centre provided the hook/fly measures that were used through all stages of the competition and provided a substantial discount on the prize vouchers that were awarded to the prize winners. Wendy Mitchell again put on a very welcoming buffet for the competitors and boatmen that was ready for them when they came off the water. Quint and Douglas at the Lake were once again very patient and helpful and the SANACC Committee wish to thank Paul Devlin of the Glasgow Angling Centre along with Quint, Douglas and Wendy for their assistance.

Heaviest Fish

There were quite a few fish over 4lb brought to the scales but the heaviest fish of the day was a beauty of 5lb 6.6oz which was taken by
Kenny Finlayson of Gartmore AC.

photo: Kenny Finlayson with the Dundee Salver

At 9.30am the boats set off and right from the start it could be seen that the competitors expected to find fish in a variety of locations. While the majority of the boats set off in the direction of Gateside Bay a good number made for the Heronry, Lochend, Road Shore, International Bay and Hotel Bay. Many of the competitors struggled in the morning and although word was coming in that one or two anglers were putting together good bags it looked like the conditions were making the fishing hard.

By 5pm many of the boats were setting up their final drifts around Shear Point and Hotel Bay. The first of the boats came in at 5.20pm and the rest started coming in 5 minutes later. Many competitors were reporting that they had eight or nine fish and it was too close to call before the weigh-in.

The competitors weighed-in with their boat partners and nine of them had bags of between 8 and 10 trout. Two anglers had 10 fish with one of them claiming the top spot and the other finishing third. Top rod and the 2012 National Champion was
Ian Hutcheon of OTFA Stromness with 10 trout for 21lb 2.4 oz.

Ian Hutcheon

Ian had started off at Tods Hole and had worked his way through Lochend and Shear Point. His top flies were the buscuit booby, candy booby, black cormorants and a black cruncher which he had fished initially on a midge tip line and later on a slow glass.

When did you start fishing: I was born in 1957 and started fishing before I was 10 years old roll-casting a worm on a short rod and wearing short boots.

How did you get into competition fishing: I joined Orkney Trout Fishing Association in 1972 and took part in a few fly competitions during 1973 and 1974 with very limited success. My first competition win came in 1975 with two fish from a notoriously dour Stenness Loch. Finishing the league in sixth place the same year I qualified for the Annual Inter County match against Shetland in 1976 and have fished in this contest twenty five times to date. My first taste of competition fishing on the Scottish mainland came at a Benson & Hedges heat on Loch Leven in 1987.

What clubs are you a member of: I am a member of Orkney Trout Fishing Association which holds fourteen keenly contested competitions per year with fixtures agreed by the Main Branch and the Stromness Branch. I am also a member of Merkister Fly Fishers and RBL Kirkwall.

What other competitions have you fished this year and how did you do in them: Fishing in a three man RBL Kirkwall team we had the heaviest catch from Loch Ruthven in the Highland Area Legion competition during June. I finished 3rd in the OTFA League this season despite never achieving a first or second place.

Do you tie your own flies: Like most of the Orkney competition anglers I tie my own flies. I started tying in 1976. These days I prefer to tie flies as I need them and rarely visit the vice during the close season.

What were your previous placings in the National: My previous results in the National have certainly not been impressive. I fished the final at Loch Leven on seven occasions between 1988 and 2003 and came ashore blank on four occasions (blanks were not uncommon). The closest I came to a qualifying place was in 2007 when I finished 22nd in the final on Menteith. I got as far as the semi final in 2009, 2010 and 2011 which means 2012 was actually my 12th attempt to qualify!!

How many practice days did you put in before your heat and semi
: For my heat on Harray Loch I only had one days practice immediately prior to the day as this is where I fish most.

What made you choose your heat and semi venue: I chose to fish Lintrathen in the semi because I could head there for two days practice the day after fishing the Legion area competition on Loch Ruthven and thereby fitted two events into one lengthy trip.

How did you approach the final: Leading up to the final I kept a close eye on the Menteith website. I also found the comments from previous qualifiers in 2010 and 2011 on the SANACC website very interesting. I read them several times noting the tactics used and the number of anglers who did not get off to an early start.

Prior to the final I had two days practice along with three other qualifiers from Orkney. The weather was fairly poor but we did locate and catch some fish.

For the match I was paired with Graeme Methven, a past winner, and we had Joe Cairney acting as boatman. Graeme had an early fish from International Bay but I only caught my first when we moved to Tod Hole about 10.45. I landed my second fish in the same area then my third came from Lochend. The next two and a half hours or so were very frustrating as we were among boats which were catching but we could get no response. About 14.40 we decided to take a chance and headed for Shear Point which had been virtually unfished for most of the day. This turned out to be a wise move as I landed 7 fish while Graeme had 2. With about 45 minutes remaining the sun broke through, the wind eased and the fish went off the take but by now I was fairly confident I would have enough to qualify.

The rest as they say is history but it still seems strange to view web sites and see myself standing there holding the magnificent National Trophy.

Scott Miller

In second place was Scott Miller of Stanley & District AC who had 9 trout for 20lb 13.8oz. Scott had searched the Lake throughout the day and took fish at the Heronry, Gateside Bay, Hotel Bay and Shear Point. All of his fish were taken on diawl bachs and cormorants which were fished on a midge tip line.

When did you start fishing and How did you get into competition fishing: I started fly fishing in 1999 when I was 8 years old and started competition fishing in 2002 in my clubs junior comps when I accompanied my father who competed in the senior comps.

What clubs are you a member of: I am a member of Stanley and District Angling Club.

What other competitions have you fished this year and how did you do in them: I have represented Scotland 3 times at Youth level and won the Youths Brown Bowl and Scottish Youths championship in 2007 when I was 16. I have only fished in the National Championship and my club comps this year.

Do you tie your own flies: I have been tying flies since I was 11 and tie all my own flies.

What were your previous placings in the National: I have competed in 3 out of a possible 4 National Finals and fell a fish or two short in my previous two finals.

How many practice days did you put in before your heat and semi: I managed 2 days practice for my heat at Menteith. Due to a new job I never got to practice for my semi final at Leven.

How did you approach the final: I practiced for 3 days leading up to the final with Andy Kemp who was also competing in the final. We had mixed results in the windy conditions but found a midge tip line with 3 nymphs and a booby on the point to be the most consistent method. My set up in the national final was a black cruncher on the bob then two diawl bachs and a Candy booby on the point. I took all my fish on the nymphs.

Jock Kettles

In third place was the SANACC Chairman Jock Kettles who had 10 trout for 20lb 2.2oz. Jock took his fish at Reedy Point, Gateside Bay and Stable Point. Jock fished two boobies and two buzzers on a mid glass line and took all his fish on that set up.

When did you start fishing: I started fly fishing when I was about 14 years old.

How did you get into competition fishing: My competition fishing started on the local small still waters which were great fun. I started loch style fishing when I fished in the army.

Do you tie your own flies: I have tied all my own flies now for about 15 years

What clubs are you a member of: The club I fish all my competitions with is Change FF with which I fish most of the competitions on the Scottish front. We also fish the Anglian Water Airflo each year.

What were your previous placings in the National: In previous national finals I have been 7th, 9th, 19th, 24th and 5th and this will be my 14th Cap.

How many practice days did you put in before your heat and semi: I fished my heat at Lintrathen then the lake for my semi as that is also the location for the final and only managed one days practice.

How did you approach the final: My approach to the final was one days practice in the week before the final and two practice days just before the match.

Tom Burnett (6th)

When did you start fishing: I Started general fishing when I was about 11, mainly for trout, perch and pike, but took up fly-fishing at 14 after watching my older brother's friend using a fly rod. That summer my friend and myself taught ourselves to how fly fish and tie flies.

When did you get into competitions: I Got into competition fishing in 1996 after retuning home to Scotland after working in Canada for 3 years. I entered the heats for the Daily Record / Association of Scottish Stillwater Fisheries Bank Champion Competition and went on to win the Final that year held on Howwood Fishery to become the Scottish Bank Champion. After this I joined the Neilston Fly Fishers and first competed in the National prelims in 1999.

What clubs are you a member of: Member of the Neilston Fly Fishers Club and fly fishing team, also a member of The Stewarton Angling Club, St Mirin Angling Club and Rowbank Angling Club.

What other competitions have you fished this year and how did do in them: 1st place in National Prelim on Loch Leven this year.
- Club Champion of both Stewarton Angling Club and St. Mirin Angling Club this year. In team events I was part of the Neilston Fly Fishers team who won the Anglian Water Scottish Final Team Event Competition held in June on the Lake of Menteith to qualify for the 2 day International Final to be held on Rutland in October 2012.

Do you tie your own flies: Yes. I Started tying flies at age 14 to present!

What were your previous placings in the National: 10th in 2001 National Final - Loch Leven; 16th in 2002 National Final - Loch Leven and 2nd in 2007 National Final - Loch Leven

How many practice days did you put in before your heat and semi final: Heat: 11 visits to Loch Leven prior to fishing my heat. Semi-Final: 4 days practice in the two weeks leading up to semi final, which included the Anglian Water Team Competition

What made you choose your heat and semi venue: Heat: I choose Loch Leven for my heat because I have 15 years experience on the Loch and love fishing there for the brownies. As there are only Brown Trout in the Loch Leven these days and no stocking policy, you can eliminate the Rainbow Trout factor of newly stocked fish holding in one small part of the loch. You can always expect it to fish hard on the day, but a fair test. Over the last four years I have built up a good understanding of how it will fish in the spring and early summer. Also, the boats are more easily available for practice at that time of year and makes planning your practice easier. Semi Final: I usually choose the Lake of Menteith for my Semi Final as The Neilston Flyfishers compete in the Anglian Water Team Event Competition just prior to the semi finals and I use these days as my practice for the semi finals. Also, one of the clubs I'm a member of usually has two outings on the Lake leading up to the semi finals.

How did you approach the final: With no holiday day's left from work to take before the final, I knew my practice would be limited to the two weekends prior to the final. In total 2 days, a Sunday session and a Saturday session. I practiced with two different boat partners during these two days, targeting different areas of the Lake and sticking to different methods to build up a picture of how it was fishing and what was the most effective method. The practice days produced good results with 3 main methods established for taking fish, but some of the methods and areas would be wind and weather dependent. In the Final the wind was mainly from the same direction as practice days (West to South West) only a bit cooler in temperature and stronger, which did not affect fishing too much.

Kenny Sichi (10th)

When did you start fishing: I have been fishing since I was very young along with my brothers and dad through a fishing club in the shipyards The Fairfield AC.

How did you get into competition fishing: When I was fishing the lake and Loch Leven I and asked other anglers how to go about getting in to comps. Also you meet a lot of nice people and learn a lot speaking to the other anglers.

What clubs are you a member of: Priory A.C. also the Craig A.C

What other competitions have you fished this year and how did you do in them: I have not fished in any other comps this year apart from my clubs comps and the results will not be decided until the end of the season.

Do you tie your own flies: Yes tied for years and also help to run the Milingavie Flytying Club.

What were your previous placings in the National: 2010 Semi Final, 2011 Final Missed out by one fish.

How many practice days did you put in before your heat and semi: None for my semi , two days for the final.

What made you choose your heat and semi venue: Well I fished the lake quite a few times so I picked my heat on the Lake. My semi was on Carron because I fished the same as last year so I thought wee bit of luck again might get me to the Final and it worked out.

How did you approach the final: I fish the Lake a lot and keep my ears and eyes open and its amazing what you pick up in a car park. I also take advice off other anglers and I fish with different anglers. It is true when they say everyday is a school day so your are always learning,

Andrew Glasgow (11th)

When did you start fishing: I started fishing with worms when I was 4 years old on my local river 'The water of Leith', and gradually progressed to fishing flies attached to a bubble float when i was about 11. I always remember catching lovely Brown Trout on the Tay with the bubble float and Greenwells spiders, ever since then i was hooked on fly fishing. I obtained some proper fly fishing gear a year later and fished as much as I could, usually going down to Peebles on the bus every Friday for a spot of night fishing on the Tweed with my brother in law before getting the bus back on Saturday morning-it was great. Sadly I don't fish rivers that often these days as the reservoirs tend to take up all my free time.

How did you get into competition fishing: I've always been quite competitive in most things i do (i like the added buzz of anticipation leading up to match day) so it was a natural progression to get into competition fishing. I used to enter junior competitions when I was young, although at the time they were few and far between. Before I joined my club I used to enter as many open competitions as I could and still do to a slightly lesser extent.

What clubs are you a member of: I am a member of Ferry fly Fishers which I was invited to join four years ago. This is my first and only club I have joined to date. They are a good bunch of guys and I always look forward to our outings, even though they try and nick all my flies.

What other competitions have you fished this year and how did you do in them: So far this year I have only fished the 'Fife fly'at Lochore Meadows at which I qualified for the final but unfortunately couldn't make it as I had double booked myself. A Scottish Clubs heat which we narrowly missed out on finishing fourth on a very tough night on the Lake. The final heat of the Carron Valley masters-no joy with only a few wee brownies past the measure. A Lexus individual heat on Loch leven, qualifying for the final by finishing 2nd.
A lexus individual heat on the Lake which saw me hook 11 trout but only land 4, i enjoyed the day though as me and my boat partner Gordon Leavy helped each other suss it out and Gordon managed to qualify as well. The Lexus Final at Chew Valley Lake.

Do you tie your own flies: I have been tying flies since i was 13 years old starting with Black spiders (doesn't everybody) and eventually became good enough to start my own little business when i was 18. I think it's essential to tie your own flies if you intend to fish in competitions. I'm forever looking in angling magazines, the internet or other peoples boxes for ideas on new patterns. I always tie loads of variations and go about field testing them at different waters.

What were your previous placings in the National: The first year I entered the National was in 2010, making the final but finishing somewhere in the middle with 4 fish. In 2011 I fell at the first hurdle just missing out on qualification to the semis by about 12oz.

How many practice days did you put in before your heat and semi: I didn't manage to put in any practice for my heat on The Lake and just winged it with the methods I know usually work managing to catch 10 fish and finish in 6th place. Practice for my Semi on Carron Valley consisted of a club outing on the previous Sunday in which i didn't do very well, however sometimes a bad day can help you by eliminating what methods not to use. A lad I spoke to fishing on the bank that day gave me a few pointers on fish location so I went there on the day of the Semi's and managed to catch 2 Rainbows and 2 Brownies finishing in 10th on what proved to be a very tough day. Again it was very satisfying that day as my boat partner also qualified for the final.

What made you choose your heat and semi venue: I've always chosen the Lake as my heat venue as i'm always pretty confident that I have a good chance of qualifying, and the fact that I love fishing the place. I choose Carron Valley for my semi final location as you have the chance to qualify by catching Brownies if the Rainbows are not playing. I usually do quite well there despite the fact that i hardly ever fish the place.

How did you approach the final: My approach to the final and any other comp is to try and fish the preceding day if possible in the hope that conditions and fish location won't change too much overnight. I believe that in most cases finding the fish is paramount and then fine tuning tactics comes next. On a very windy practice day I was partnered up with Ken Oliver and we managed to pinpoint a few locations whilst at the same time trying different line densities and flies to give us an overall picture on successful tactics and areas. We figured that the fish were lying a few feet down due the strong wind and fairly bright conditions. Having gained this knowledge and with similar weather I started off the final by using a Forty Plus Fast Glass line combined with a Black Viva Booby on the bob, a Red Holographic Diawl Bach on the next dropper, a Black Cruncher variation on the next dropper( i had tied a few in the morning whilst sitting in my tent) and a Woofta Booby on the point. Having met my boat partner Campbell Morgan we agreed that Gateside Bay was the place to go and that we would just grind it out as we knew there was a good head of fish there. We both caught fish quite early on, Cambell on midge tip and me on my fast glass line. I had 1 fish on the Cruncher & 1 fish on the Woofta Booby.
Once the sun appeared and with the added boat pressure we figured the fish had gone deeper as takes had dried up and the fact there was hardly a bent rod amongst all the Midge Tippers. Cambell changed to a DI3 while I was counting down a bit longer with my fast glass. Campbell caught a fish straight away so I had no hesitation in changing to the DI3 and replacing the Black Viva Booby with a Cat Booby. I picked up another 3 fish on Black Cruncher, Cat Booby and Woofta Booby which gave me 5 fish by 1 o clock. We both spent the next few hours changing lines as it had gone very quiet although Cambell had lost 2 fish at the net. I had a few takes and bow waving follows but the fish weren't holding on like they normally do.

By 4.45 I decided to go back to the DI3 set up but replaced the Diawl Bach with another one of my campsite Crunchers only a smaller size 12. I lost 2 fish in quick succession but managed to land a fish of about 5lb on the size 12 cruncher I had just put on. That gave me a total of 6 fish which was enough to qualify on the day. I was delighted at making the team and it will be an honour to represent my country.

Derek Purves (12th)

When did you start fishing: I started fishing at the age of 14 visiting Gladhouse on a monthy basis with my Grandfather who taught me with silk lines and split cane rods.

How did you get into competition fishing: Started competitions while fishing with the Last Cast in the B&H at Loch Leven and qualified for the final at Rutland water which got me interested in the competitions.

Which clubs are you a member of: I am a member of the Bank of Scotland East A.C and Thalassa.

What other competitions have you fished this year and how did you do in them
: I have fished in the 6 man team Anglian Water Airflo competition of which we have reached the final for the 3rd time in 4 years.

Do you tie your own flies: I tie 99% of my own flies.

What were your previous placings in the National: I have finished 2nd in 2003 at Loch Leven and have reached the final on another 4 occasions.

How many practice days did you put in before your heat and semi: I practiced the 2 days before but also fished the Lake every week for 7 weeks leading up to the final.

What made you choose your heat and semi venue: I chose my heat at the Lake as it was the only time I could get off work and my semi at Lintrathen was chosen as I had been there on the Saturday in a Club outing plus I really enjoy Lintrathen.

How did you approach the final: I approached the final with an open mind as the winds leading up to the final had made the Lake fish very hard and even though I had my mind up with the approach I was going to take I did not want to exclude anything.

Kenny Miller (13th)

When did you start fishing: I Started fishing in outer Hebrides when I was 5 (1952)

What clubs are you a member of:
I Joined Airdrie & Dist A.C. when I was a lad and old shep was a pup, and competed in the boys champions in Glencoe at Loch Baa and Na Achiles. I am now a member of Strathclyde Police A.C. , Rainbow Warriors, Hungry Trout and am an associate member of Rothes Oak and Grizzlecats.

What other competitions have you fished this year and how did you do in them: This year I was 2nd placed in the Loch Fad Spring Pairs, (having won last years Autumn Doubles with Wullie Simpson) I also did very well in Glasgow & Dist competition. Was pretty poor in Scottish Clubs, did well Strathclyde V Central Scotland and finished in 3rd place in Strathclyde Police club competition.

What were your previous placings in the National: As I am getting older, I remember being in 6 consecutive finals at Loch Leven without being placed. Blew Blew hot and cold since then.

How many practice days did you put in before your heat and semi: Put in 2 practice days for my heat and 1 for the semi at Carron.
What made you choose your heat and semi venue: Choice was suitability of dates.

How did you approach the final: Approach to the final was practice on 3 occassions.

Do you tie your own flies: As regards fly tying, I do tie but am really a novice at it.

Alan Porteous (16th)

When did you start fishing: My father introduced me to worm fishing when I was about 8 years old and fly fishing about 12. The lochs and rivers in Caithness are full of fish so it was a pretty good area to get me hooked.

How did you get into competition fishing: Again my father was instrumental in getting me into competition fishing. He would sit patiently in the boat while my brother Kevin and I would compete in the local Dounreay fly fishing competitions. In our early teens success came fairly quickly at a local level despite competing against seasoned anglers.

Which clubs are you a member of: I am a member of Dounreay Fly Fishing Assoc. and Frozen North Angling Club, both are fantastic clubs. The DFFA is a very well run club mainly down to the hard work of our secretary Bill Robertson. The DFFA's main aim is to provide its members with quality boats on as many Caithness lochs as possible. FNAC is a smaller club more focused on competition angling.

What other competitions have you fished this year and how did you do in them: Having two young sons, free time is a rare and precious commodity, resulting in me doing very little fishing on a local level this year. My wife has supported me entering the National Championship as she understands what an honour it is to represent your country, so that has been my main focus. Frozen North also entered a team into the Airflo Anglian Water for the first time, we made a half hearted attempt and made the Scottish final, but ended up last on the day.

Do you tie your own flies: I have tied flies since I was 13. I learned the skill at a class after school every week and to this day am very grateful to Mr Cameron who gave up his spare time to pass on his knowledge, although I don't catch much on a Black Pennel nowadays.

What were your previous placings in the National: In the last 5 years I have been knocked out in two semi finals, a 2nd, 7th and now 16th in the final.

How many practice days did you put in before your heat and semi: Practise is vital for me as it's the only time I fish the waters apart from the competitions. The Caithness contingent always practise together, usually for two days before each match. We share flies, tactics and areas. We are always up against it as we are fishing waters and tactics very different from home, but this fact seems to unite us and results seem to show that it is working with three finalists this year.

What made you choose your heat and semi venue: The heat venue was Menteith, it was chosen as we all relish a trip to the lake. The fishing is usually great. Carron Valley was our first choice for the semi final and again we love a trip to Carron and its great catching a mix of Brown Trout and Rainbow Trout.

How did you approach the final: On the lead up to the final I gathered as much info about the lake as possible. I have a couple of fiends who are on the lake regularly and are kind enough to keep me up to date with areas and tactics. Over the years we have built up an array of patterns that work for us, so we tend to stick to our own patterns.

With three of us from Caithness in the final and with Robbie Hawken being kind enough to come down and practice with us as well as giving up his time to boat in the final there were four of us to practice. We managed three days practice sharing tactics and areas amongst the four of us and at our B+B we tied flies every night so that we had plenty of the working patterns. Boat partners never fished the same tactics so we could get a better idea what method would catch the quickest. When out with Robbie in practice I fished dries while he was on slow glass with cormorants and a booby and when I was 5 fish down in the first 2hrs I realised that he may have stumbled on a working method. We all caught well on the first two days with fish coming out of Gateside, Lochend, Butts, Heronry and Sams point. The final practice day was a different matter, with us all struggling in the awful weather. We all hoped for better conditions for match day.

On the day of the final conditions were better, but not hugely and we thought things were still going to be fairly tough. I was paired with Colin McMonagle and we were lucky enough to get Arthur Wilkie as boatman who kept us entertained all day despite the lack of fish coming to the boat. We started fishing in Gateside then moved to Malling after a few blank drifts and I picked up my first fish there on a cormorant. I broke off on another fish in Malling before moving to the Heronry. There were a couple of boats in the Heronry and both seemed to be picking up a fish or two. I picked up a second and third fish on a Cormorant and a Cat Booby with the third being over 4lb. Colin and I then decide then to move to Tod's hole. I suggested we fish the point before entering the bay and Colin caught three rapid on a Cat Booby. We repeated the drift a few times and I lost a fish on a Cat Booby after dropping the line. With the fishing slowing again we decided to try Gateside until the end of the match. Colin managed to land his fourth fish without reply on a Diawl Bach. I changed the Cat Booby for a Candy Booby and had instant success and soon after picked up my fifth fish on a cormorant.

On motoring back to the berth I did not think I had done enough as some anglers were signalling sevens and eights. The consensus of opinion in the car park before the weigh-in was that 6 looked like the magic number for qualification. This gave me a little hope as I knew my five were a good weight. Qualifying in 16th place was great after such a tough day. I look forward to next year's international and attaining my fourth cap. I would like to thank all the SANACC committee and officials, as the national championship is a great event to enter and I will be immensely proud wearing the Scottish uniform again next season.

William Cowan (17th)

When did you start fishing: Before the dawn of time when the first puddle was created.

How did you get into competition fishing: Our club has entered various competitions spanning the last 30+ years and I have represented the club each of these years at various competitions including Benson & Hedges, Lexus, Fife Fly (3 x winner), Loch Leven Pairs (won), Scottish Club Championship and Champion of Champions (twice finishing 4th).

Which clubs are you a member of: A.B.C. & D.

What other competitions have you fished this year and how did you do in them: Scottish Club Championship (didn't reach the final), and Fife Fly (Finalist)

Do you tie your own flies: Limited (very) except 'The Goldie'

What were your previous placings in the National: Semi Finalist

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