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River International

2012 River International
Friday 29th June 2012
River Tay

Scotland will host the 2012 Rivers International with the competition day being on Friday 29th June. SANACC are grateful to the many organisations that have provided support and which have allowed the match to be held on the River Tay between the Newtyle and Lower Kinnaird Beats. Support for this International has been provided by:-

Kinnaird Estate -

Dalguise Fishings -

Dalmarnock Fishings -

Dunkeld House Fishings -

Gordonian Fishings Newtyle Beat -

Dunkeld & Birnam Angling Association

Perth & District Anglers Association -

The National Trust for Scotland -

Scotlands Hotel -

Forestry Commission - Tay Forest District -

Report on River International

The 2012 River Fly Fishing International was held on the River Tay, Scotland on Friday 29th June and was won convincingly by Wales.

The Tay catchment area had missed the worst of the rain that caused flooding in many parts of the UK and during practice it was running about 18 inches above normal summer levels but overnight on Thursday it rained constantly. By Friday morning the Tay had risen another 18 inches and had taken on a fair bit of colour. The rain continued through Friday but the level did not rise further.

Wales took the lead in session 1 and went on to win sessions 2 and 3 and were joint top in session 4 with Ireland. They had 43 place points by the end of the day well clear of England with 64. Scotland were third with 66 place points and Ireland were fourth with 67.

The top four individuals were only separated by 1 place point and the dominance of the Welsh Team was shown here where they took the 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 8th spots.

Top rod was Allen Hughes of Wales with 12 fish and 7 place points which included a haul of 7 fish in session 4. Phil Dixon of England was second with 7 fish and 8 place points and Paul Jenkins of Wales was third with 6 fish and 8 place points.

Kieron Jenkins receives the winners trophy
from IFFA President Michael Callaghan

The competitors were drawn in the following groups:-

England Captain - Phil Dixon

Ireland Captain - Brian Russell

Scotland Captain - David Downie


Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Group 4

Group 5


AM: Beat A
PM: Beat C

AM: Beat B
PM: Beat D

AM: Beat C
PM: Beat E

AM: Beat D
PM: Beat A

AM: Beat E
PM: Beat B


Tony Baldwin

Phil Dixon

Terry Philips

John Tyzack

Mike Dixon


Brian Russell

Stuart McMurran

Peter Doherty

Noel O'Neill

Brian Larkin


Jim Fairgrieve

Mike Cordiner

Calum Crosbie

Richard McHattie

David Downie


Kieron Jenkins

Mark Williams

Dean Kibble

Paul Jenkins

Allen Hughes

Session 1

Beat A: Session 1 proved extremely difficult for Group 1 with all four anglers clean.
Beat B: Group 2 also found Session 1 hard with the one trout by Phil Dixon (E) being the only fish caught.
Beat C: Group 3 fared slightly better with Dean Kibble (W) and Peter Doherty (I) catching one trout each.
Beat D: Paul Jenkins (W) had the best basket of all 20 competitors with 2 fish. The other Group 4 anglers were clean.
Beat E: All Group 5 anglers were clean in session 1.

At the end of Session 1 Wales were in the lead with 14 place points. England were second with 17 place point; Ireland were third with 18 place points and Scotland were in fourth with 20 place points.

Session 2

Beat A: Tony Baldwin (E) really got to grips with Beat A and caught 5 trout. Kieron Jenkins (W) took 1 trout with Ireland and Scotland clean.
Beat B: Phil Dixon (E) took another trout in Session 2 with Mark Williams (W) taking 2.
Beat C: This was the difficult beat in Session 2 with all anglers clean.
Beat D: Wales and England did best here with Paul Jenkins (W) taking 3 trout and John Tyzack (E) taking 2.
Beat E: Wales also found the answers to Beat E with Allen Hughes (W) getting off the mark and taking 4.

With 9 place points Wales were in top in Session 2 with England second with 13 place points. Ireland and Scotland were both clean and received 20 place points. After Session 2 Wales, with 23 place points, were still in the lead. England remained in second with 30 place points. Ireland were third with 38 and Scotland were fourth with 40.

Session 3

Beat A: Scotland started to pick up fish after the break when the Groups changed beats. In Beat A, Richard McHattie (S) and Paul Jenkins (W) had one trout each.
Beat B: Allen Hughes (W) picked up 1 for Wales and David Downie (S) picked up 1 for Scotland
Beat C: Three anglers picked up trout here in Session 3. Kieron Jenkins (W) had 2 with Tony Baldwin (E) and Jim Fairgrieve (S) having one each.
Beat D: Mike Cordiner (S) got off the mark for Scotland with 2 trout while Mark Williams (W) took 1 for Wales
Beat E: Peter Doherty (I) picked up another trout for Ireland and Dean Kibble (W) took 1 to keep the Welsh bandwagon rolling.

With 8 place points Wales were again on top in Session 3. Scotland got things going in this session and took second with 10 place ponts. Ireland took third with 17 and England took fourth with 19 place points. By the end of Session 3 Wales were well in front with 31 place points. England were in second with 49. Scotland had moved a whole lot closer one point behind in third with Ireland a further 5 points adrift.

Session 4

Beat A: Scotland and Ireland fared better in Beat A with Richard McHattie (S) getting 2 and Noel O'Neill (I) getting 1.
Beat B: This beat fished well in session 4 with all competitors taking fish. Allen Hughes (W) had the outstanding session of the day here with 6 trout and
1 grayling. Mike Dixon (E) also had a good session with 3 while David Downie (S) and Brian Larkin (I) had one each.
Beat C: Beat C again proved to be difficult with only Brian Russell (I) picking up a fish.
Beat D: All four competitors took fish here in session 4. Phil Dixon (E) had a good catch of 5 trout. Mark Williams (W) had 2 while Mike Cordiner (S) and Stuart McMurran (I) had one each.
Beat E: Dean Kibble (W) finished his day with 3 and Peter Doherty (I) took 1.

Ireland and Wales had 12 place points each to be top in session 4. England were third with 15 and Scotland were fourth with 16. At the end of the competition were way out in front with 43 place points. England were second with 64, Scotland were third with 66 and Ireland were fourth with 67.

Scotland Team
Ian Campbell (IFFA Secretary) John McCallum (Manager) Richard McHattie Calum Crosbie Mike Cordiner David Downie (Captain) Donald Forbes
Jim Fairgrieve George Mackenzie (International Secretary) Michael Callaghan (IFFA Secretary)

Team Sponsor's 2012

The Scottish Team wish to thank the following sponsors for their support:-

Mick Bell - Bloke Fly Rods

Supplier and Manufacturer of Custom Rods and the wonderful XL50 Range of rods, Mick puts his heart into his rods and comes up with some crackers not just trout but Salmon rods also.

Paul Devlin - Glasgow Angling Centre

Paul has supported the various teams over the years and runs the highly successful and huge Glasgow Angling Center, where you can get everything and anything you need for fishing. Thanks for all the support Paul and wish you all the best.

Aberdeen and District Angling Club

I would like to thank the Aberdeen and District Angling Club for donating some day tickets for their wonderful river Don where huge salmon can be caught and also some huge brown trout's, also like to thank the current river national champion and last year champion Richard and Mike for volunteering their service on the river for the winner of this wonderful prize.

Dave Downie - Flyfishingworld

Dave has sponsored the team this year with their shirts and fly tying materials, supplier of fly tying materials, described by the Trout & Salmon magazine as "probably the best dyed and quality materials they have ever seen" he works hard to keep up the quality of the flies and materials he supplys.


David Downie

Club: D & B Flyfishing
Previous Rivers Caps: 1

Mike Cordiner

Club: Aberdeen & District Angling Association
Previous Rivers Caps: 1

Calum Crosbie

Club: Newton Stewart & District Angling Association
Previous Rivers Caps: 1

Jim Fairgrieve

Club: Edinburgh Beadalbane AC
Previous Rivers Caps: 11

Richard McHattie

Club: Aberdeen & District Angling Association
Previous Rivers Caps: 0

Donald Forbes (Reserve)

Club: Strathleven Fly Fishers

John McCallum (Manager)

Club: Stanley & District AC

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