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119th Scottish National Trout Fly Fishing Championship
Sponsored by the Glasgow Angling Centre

The 119th National Trout Fly Fishing Championship got off to a flying start at the Lake of Menteith on Tuesday 26th April when 44 competitors set out in sunny conditions to battle for the 22 places that were up for grabs in the semi finals. Some anglers struggled to master the conditions while many of them found the answers and had a superb days fishing. Between them they caught 185 trout which with weight allowances for returned fish tipped the scales at 346 lbs 12ozs.

Top rod was Kevin McCabe of Change FF AC who had 20 fish for 39lbs 8ozs. Kevin, who is in the team going to Grafham for this years Autumn International, took all his fish on buzzers on floating and midge tip lines. He caught steadily throughout the day although half of his catch was taken by 11am. Kates Brae, Chapel Bay, Road Shore and Hotel Bay were his productive areas.

photo - Kevin McCabe

Second spot went to John Simpson of Ardrossan Eglinton AC who had 11 fish for 21lbs 15.2ozs. John has done well at the Lake of Menteith before having won the Phoenix Silver Salver there at the 2007 Autumn International. On this occasion he did not travel far and took all his fish in Hotel Bay where he fished cormorants on a slow glass line.

Third place went to Ian Birch of Moncrieffe AC who had 8 fish for 15lbs 10.6ozs. Ian also took his fish on cormorants on a slow glass line with all of them being taken in Cages Bay.

The top 22 go through to the semi finals.

photo - John Simpson

photo - Ian Birch

Result of Heat 1

Heat 2 - Carron 28th April

The sun continued to shine on the 119th Scottish National Trout Fly Fishing Championship which moved to Carron for heat 2 on 28th April. The day started off under a cloudless sky which was mirrored on a flat calm. A breeze steadily picked up as the day progressed but not a cloud came between the sun and the competitors. Very few trout were moving on the surface although there was plenty of fly life to tempt them up. The morning was very hard for most competitors but as the day wore on rods could be seen bending into fish and given the conditions, Carron fished very well.

The 40 competitors netted 168 fish which, with allowances for capping and catch and release, weighed 288lb 4oz.
The heaviest fish of the day fell to Mark Tweedie of Strathleven FF and went to the scales at 14lbs 3ozs. Mark has been having a busy time of it and was on the River Tummel four days ago when he qualified for the final of the Scottish National River Championship. Unfortunately the weight of Mark's rainbow trout was capped at 4lbs which wasn't enough to get him through to the loch semi finals.

The top rod was David Paterson of Falkirk Municipal AC who had 9 fish for 17lbs 14ozs which was only 5 ounces ahead of the second placed man, Brian Kennedy of Glasgow Post Office FFC. David was in the International Team that won the gold medal at Brenig in 2006 while Brian was in the gold medal winning team at Llynn Trawsfynydd in 2010. There are no easy heats but with 13 internationalists in this heat it was always going to be a hard one to qualify from and the top 20 competitors who go through to the semi finals have certainly earned their places.

David caught his fish steadily throughout the day and they all fell to either a cat or viva fished on DI5 and DI7 lines. The earlier fish were caught between Stocky Bay and Lone Tree Bay while the later ones were taken from 30 Minute Bay and the far dam.

Brian covered a fair bit of water in his search for fish and started off on the road shore beyond Gull Island where he he took fish in Lone Tree Bay. He moved from there to the far dam and then down through Carron Bay and Bin Bay, taking fish at each of these locations. All the fish fell to either an organge blob, a black cat or a white cat on a fast glass line. Brian had a cracker of 6lbs 3ozs which took the orange blob.

Full Result

Heat 3 - Carron 3rd May

Once again the sun shone on Carron when the third heat was held there on 3rd May. There was some cloud cover on this occasion but the East wind was decidedly chilly and the temperature was on the low side. 39 competitors took to the water with the top 20 qualifying for the semi finals. 112 fish were caught which, given allowances for catch and release, weighed in at 157lb 5oz.

The overall winner was Dugald MacGilp of Lochgilphead & District AC who had 8 fish for 12lb 1.5oz. Dugald stayed at the dam all day and took all of his fish there on dries.

In second place was Jim Doyle of Ferry Fly Dressers AC who had 7 fish for 10lb 0.5oz. Jim took his first fish early doors at the jetty. He then went to the far dam where he caught his other 6 fish. All of Jim's fish were taken on cormorants and muddlers fished on a DI 5 sweep line.

Mick Tait of Kelso was third with 6 fish for 9lb 8.5oz. Mick also stayed in the dam area all day and took all of his fish on wee hoppers fished dry.

photo - the top three

Full Result

Heat 4 - Menteith - 5th May

The weather had to take a turn at some point and it certainly did when the Championship returned to the Lake of Menteith for heat 4. Instead of a cloudless sky we had rain for most of the day along with a chilly south east breeze. The trout did not mind the change in conditions and the 57 anglers who were in this heat netted 308 fish for 600lbs 4.4ozs. The top 29 qualified for the semi finals.

Top rod on the day was John Kaye of Stormontfiield AC who had 14 fish for 27lb 14.6oz. John took his fish on a white cat booby, olive buzzer and a black/red cormorant fished on a midge tip line. His fish were caught in Hotel Bay and the Heronry.

photo: John Kaye

In second place was Derek Barclay of Inverclyde Fly Fishers who had 13 trout for 26lb 2.6oz. All of Derek's fish were taken on cormorants and diawl bachs fished on an intermediate line in Cages Bay and the back of Dog Island.

Gary McGinley of Luggiebank Fly Dressers was in third with 11 trout for 21lb 9.2oz. Gary took his fish on cormorants and blobs fished on ghost tip and midge tip lines in the Butts.

photo: Derek Barclay

photo: Gary McGinley

Heat 5 - Lake of Menteith 11th May

The heats continued on Wednesday 11th May with the 5th heat at the Lake of Menteith. It was a cold day with frequent squally showers and many of the competitors struggled to get to grips with the fish. 47 anglers took part with 24 of them progressing to the semi final stages. The cut-off weight for qualifying was 8lb 14oz with the 47 anglers netting 230 fish for 448lb 7oz.

Top rod on the day was Nigel Muckle of Last Cast AC who had 13 trout for 25lb 14.6oz. Nigel's cast was a tequilla blob, two diawl bachs and a white cat booby fished as a washing line on a Di 5 line. The fish were all taken by drifting over deep water between Stable Point and Rookery Point.

photo: Nigel Muckle

In second place was Angus Armour of Loanhead & District AC who had 10 trout for 21lb 5oz. Angus caught his fish on drifts from Stable Point over Cages Bay and on drifts behind Dog Island. All his trout were caught a a FAB and buzzers fished on a midge tip line. In third place was Ian Glassford of Bothwell & Blantyre AC who had 10 fish for 20lb 12.8oz all of which were taken in Cages Bay and the Rookery. His cast was a FAB, booby blob and a cormorant fished on a DI 3. The full result is set out below. Angus Ian Glassford

Heat 6 (Rescheduled second part) - Thursday 19th May

First it was cloudless skies and now it is bitterly cold winds that occasionally relent enough to allow a few hours fishing. Today the second part of the rescheduled Heat 6 at Carron went ahead in conditions that were far from perfect due to the strong, biting wind. However Carron still produced quality fish and just to confuse anglers there were as many trout taken on dries as were taken on sinking lines.

There were only 6 competitors for this event and between them they caught 39 fish. The top 3 go through to the semi final.

The best basket of 10 trout for 13lb 8.5oz was taken by David Chalmers of Lochgelly SRCAS. David took his fish on a white cat, viva and black blob on a DI 5 sweep line in Carron Bay, Bin Bay and drifting down the far side towards the dam.

Steven Corsar (Inverurie AA), who shared the boat with David, was second with 7 trout for 10lb 8oz. Steven took his fish on a white cat, kate and cormorants fished on a fast glass and DI 5 lines. In third place was Ronnie Glass (Kelso AA) who had 9 trout for 9lb 14.25oz. Ronnie took his fish on dries at Puddock Bay and the far dam.

photo: David Chalmers, Ronnie Glass and Steven Corsar

Heat 6 (Rescheduled Part 2) - Carron 19th May








David Chalmers

Lochgelly SRCAS





Steven Corsar

Inverurie AA





Ronnie Glass

Kelso AA





Gordon Hayward

Balfron Piscatorials





Tommy Graham

Inverurie AA





James Aidie

Inverurie AA




Heat 7 - Loch Leven 17th May

Following two disappointing days when the heats were rescheduled due to high winds it was back to action today at Loch Leven. And an action packed session is the only way to describe todays heat. 24 competitors went to post with the top 12 qualifying for the semi finals.

Top rod was Leven regular Brian McKenzie of Rowbank AC who had 18 trout, which after allowances for catch and release, went to the scales at 28lb 10.5oz.

Second was another Leven regular Tom Burnett of St Mirrin AC who had 17 trout for 22lb 13oz. Third place went to Shane Kelly of Hawick AC who had 15 trout for 20lb 4.25oz Shane Kelly, Brian McKenzie and Tom Burnett

Trout were taken at the Hole 'O' the Inch and the back of Castle Island on mini lures fished on sinking lines while trout were also being taken at Carden Point and the Scart on bushy flies fished on intermediate lines. There are more boats on Leven this year and with the 24 rods taking 132 trout it is certainly looking like the fishing there is back with a bang.

Tomorrow the Championship moves to Lintrathen and hopefully the wind will be kind to us.

Full Result

Heat 8 - Lintrathen - 18th May

Lintrathen was sheltered against the worst of the wind and Heat 8 there went ahead as scheduled on Wednesday 18th May. It was a cold blustery day and even with a good hatch of the olives the rainbow trout did not show to any great extent. 38 competitors took part with the top 19 going through to the semi finals and 86 fish for 138lb 4oz were caught.

Top Rod was Steven Graham of Perth RASC who had 7 trout for 11lb 6oz. Steven took his fish behind the island and they fell to a white cat and a sunburst blob fished on fast glass and DI 3 lines.

Kevin Neri of Raemoir Trout Fishers was second with 7 trout for 10lb 6oz. Kevin took his fish drifting past the harbour and down at the sawmill. He was fishing a black diawlbach and a cruncher on a mdige tip line. In third place was John Brown of Raemoir Trout Fishers with 6 trout for 10lbs. John was fishing the same set up as Kevin and caught his fish at the rhodedendrons.

Heat 9 - Loch Awe 21st May

With torrential rain and strong winds forecast the twelve anglers set out in almost perfect conditions with all the boats turning right. None of the competitors chose to go down to the Susan's bay area. The strong winds never materialised but about 1.00 o clock the torrential rain came and kept on coming. For some anglers the fish obliged by tending to ignore the overhead conditions with some good fish featuring in the bags. Big fish are never really a regular occurrence during the prelims at Loch Awe but the winning boat weighed in 9 fish and had fish of 1lb 6oz and 1lb 5.5oz. Another of 1lb 3.5oz was caught by forth placed angler Ian Hillcoat of PGLG AC. Twelve competitors took part with the top six going through to the semi-finals and 25 fish for 19lb 2oz were caught.

Top rod on the day was Douglas Hek of Ayrshire AA who had 5 fish for 4lb 13.75oz. Dougie's cast consisted of a peach tailed claret dabbler, Kate Mclaren and a Christmas tree mini lure on the point. Dougie fished the bays on the north shore with a Di - 3.

In second place sharing the boat with Dougie was Loch Awe regular Campbell Morgan of Strathleven Fly fishers who had 4 fish for 3lb 2.75oz. Campbell also fished the Di - 3 and took his fish on the Mackellar Nymph, Claret Dabbler and red tailed Kate Mclaren.

Willie Osborne of Crown Fly Fishers took third spot with 4 fish for 2lbs 14oz. Willie also fished the Di - 3 and took his fish on a Ke-He, Kate Mclaren and a Sunburst tailed Kate Mclaren.

photo: Willie Osborne, Douiglas Hek and Campbell Morgan

Heart 10 - Loch of Harray - 22nd May

Our new venue this year, Loch Harray, survived the strong winds and went ahead as planned on Sunday 22nd May. The competition was managed by the OTFA Committee and we are obliged to them for the excellent work they put in organising and running the heat. 25 anglers contested the heat with the top 13 going through to the semi finals.

The forecast was for the wind to pick up throughout the day and to reach gale force by late afternoon. Due to the forecast the finish time was brought forward to 4.30pm. The anglers set out in bright conditions which stayed with them through to early afternoon. The wind picked up quickly and by mid afternoon conditions were difficult. Despite the conditions the competitors caught 191 trout which, with allowances for catch and release, weighed 148lb 6.75oz.

Top rod was John Munson of Aurora Orkney FF who had 16 trout for 12lb 9oz. Second was Ken Kennedy of Orkney TFA Stromness who had 14 trout for 10lb 6.75oz and in third was Norman Irvine of Orkney TFA who had 13 trout for 9lb 11oz.

photos: On right - John Munson
bottom left - Ken Kennedy and bottom right Norman Irvine

Final Heat - Carron 30th May (part of rescheduled Heat 6)

The final heat was the rescheduled heat 6 with eight anglers competing for the four semi-final places. The four boats set out in perfect conditions compared to the gales force winds the previous days with three of the boats deciding not to wander too far from the jetty whilst the other boat headed west to the top end of the loch. A few of the rods who took the short drifts into the harbour dam were into fish very quickly but went quiet after a while and gradually they started to make their way up to the opposite end of the loch. Conditions were favourable all day and with Carron still producing quality fish the eight anglers landed 84 fish which with the catch and release allowances weighed 154lb 5.5 oz.

Top rod on the day was Alex McEwan of Rainbow Warriors who had 18 fish for 36lb 1oz. Alex was one of the rods who found fish early at the dam wall then did the tour of the loch taking all his fish on a DI-3 with a Sunburst Blob, Olive and Gold Dabbler and a John Simpson Humungus on the point.

In Second place sharing the boat with Alex was Jim Litster of Neilston FF who weighed in 15 fish for 28lb 14oz. Jim took his fish on a Sunburst Dabbler and the Carron Rabbit on a Fast glass. Jim tried dries for a while but had to revert back to his original set up to stay on the fish.

Martin Hamilton of Caley Liners FF took the third spot with 13 fish for 23lb 13oz. Martin fished a DI-3 with two orange blobs in the Carron Bay area. Martins boat partner Stuart Raybould of Crown Fly Fishers took fourth place with 11 fish for 18lb 15.5oz. Stuart took his fish on a DI-3 Sweep with a Sparkler and Soldier Palmer.

photo: Martin Hamilton Alex McEwan and Jim Litster

Boat Draw for All Heats

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