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2010 semi finals

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118th Scottish National Fly Fishing Championship
Sponsor: The Glasgow Angling Centre

Semi Finals

National Trout Fly Fishing Championships
Semi Final No 1 - Carron - 16th June 2010

The semi finals of the National Championship got of to a great start at Carron on Wednesday 16th June 2010. Thirty eight anglers took part in the heat and with the cut off being set at 30%, eleven of them qualified for the final. For a change it was a warm dry day with some cloud cover for most of the session. 172 trout were caught with the heaviest being a superb rainbow of 10lb 12.5oz caught by James Watson of Grizzlecats. The heaviest basket on the day belonged to Ronald Gilbert (St Fillans & Lochearn AA) who had 13 fish for 23lb 10oz. John Reilly (Rowbank AC) was second with 10 fish for 20lb 15.5oz and his boat partner David McAllister (Port Glasgow AC) was third with 9 fish for 17lb 5.5oz. The cut off weight was 12lb 1.5oz.

The top three took their fish from the dam (East) wall area. Ronnie was fishing buzzers and a booby on a midge tip. David & John were also fishing midge tip lines and took their fish on blobs and a white cat booby.

10 of the 11 qualifiers

Semi Final No 2 - Carron - 18th June 2010

The second semi final at Carron on 18th June was fished in tropical conditions with variable winds. Again there 38 competitors and 11 qualified for the final.

The best bag was caught by Greg Donnelly (Clan Chiefs AC) who had 8 trout for 12lb 2oz. George McMahon (Middleton Flyfishers) was second with 6 trout for 11lb 10oz and Ian Jones (Dunkeld & Birnam AA) was third with 5 trout for 10lb 8oz. The cut off weight was 7lb 11oz.

Greg was fishing cormorants, buzzers and blobs on a midge tip line in the Dam (East) area. George and Ian also took their trout on the same flies on midge tip lines at the Redford dam area.

10 of the 11 qualifiers

Semi Final No 3 - Lintrathen - 22nd June 2010

Not content with winning heat 7 of the prelims at Menteith in his first attempt at the National Championships Steven Corsar (Inverurie AA) did it again in Semi Final No 3 at Lintrathen. Clear blue skies for most of the day made this a tough heat but the trout were not put off and 8 fish were needed to get through to the final. Steven was top rod with 12 fish for 19lb 9oz and now goes on to the final on 28th August. Ken Kennedy (Merkister FF) made the long journey from Orkney worthwhile and his 11 fish for 18lb 8oz put him in second. Ultra consistent Kevin McCabe (Change FF) was third with 11 fish for 17lb 12oz.

Steven took all of his fish in the Rhododendron Shore area fishing blobs and cormorants on a fast glass line. Ken also took his fish in that area but with a two tone blob, junglecock viva and cat on a DI3. Kevin was also using a fast glass line to fish his blob and diawl bach and took fish in almost every part of the loch.

the six qualifiers

Semi Final No 5 - Lake of Menteith - 29th June 2010

Peter Auchterlonie (St Fillans & Lochearn AA) won the 5th semi final with 18 fish for 35lb 3oz. Jock Royan (Alba Orvis FF) was second with 11 fish for 21lb 15oz and Ronnie Glass (Kelso AA) was third with 11 fish for 21lb 11oz.

Peter took his fish from the Silage Pits round to Gateside Bay fishing cormorants, buzzers and blobs with a slow fig 8 on a glass line. Ronnie took his fish in Gateside Bay with the first three being on boobies on a DI 3 with the rest falling to dries.

Most of the qualifiers

Semi Final No 6 - Lake of Menteith - 1st July 2010

The last semi final of the 2010 Championships was held at the Lake of Menteith on 1st July. Conditions were pretty good throughout the day and although the forecast rain did arrive the strong winds did not. 136 fish were caught by the 28 competitors and the cut off weight was 12lb 9.6oz. The top 8 qualified for the final.

Best rod was Fraser Robertson (Canmore AC - Forfar) who had 12 fish for 23lb 9.2oz. James Litster (Neilston FF) was second with 11 fish for 20lb 12oz and Ian Anderson was third with 10 fish for 18lb 7.2oz.

Fraser took all his fish in the Shear Point area where he was fishing black nymphs and a cat booby on a midge tip and floating line. James worked his way round most of the lake and took his fish from the Malling Shore, Cages Bay and Sandy Bay fishing two dries and a buzzer in the middle. Ian was fishing the Malling Shore and Cages Bay with a cat booby and cormorants on a DI 3 line.

the qualifiers

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