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2010 final

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2010 Scottish Club Championship

Sponsored By:
The Scottish Daily Record
Famous Grouse
The Angling Centre Stirling

Change FF AC 'A' - Scottish Club Champions 2010
(Jock Kettles, Kevin McCabe and Andy Dunn)

Change 'A' with their prizes

Ronnie Gilbert of St Fillans & Lochearn with his prize for the heaviest basket

Scottish Club Championship - Final

The Committee of the Scottish Club Championship wish to thank The Daily Record, Famous Grouse and the Angling Centre Stirling for sponsoring the 2010 Championship. Collections are taken from competitors at each heat of this event and the funds, along with the proceeds of raffles at the final and at the Champion of Champions are donated to the Scott MacIvor Appeal for the Yorkhill Sick Childen's Hospital. Prizes for the raffle at the final were donated by the Angling Centre Stirling and the Lake of Menteith and over 250 was raised from the raffle on this occasion. Many of the clubs also donated their prize cheques and the Committee wish to thank all the clubs and individuals for their donations.

The 2010 Final looked to be a hot affair with some well known faces making up many of the teams. A close look at the team lists showed that there were 22 internationalists taking part. Of these there were 5 from the two gold medal winning teams of 2010 including the captain of the Spring Team John Buchanan of Newton Mearns FF. There were 6 from from the 2011 teams going to Orkney and England including the captain of the Spring Team William Simpson of Rothes Oak and the captain of the Autumn Team Ronnie Gilbert of St Fillans & Lochearn.

As the competitors returned to the beach at 5.30pm it looked like it was going to be a close call and when all the competitors had weighed-in there were only 4 fish separating the top four clubs. The competition was on a partial catch and release basis with the first 3 fish being killed and 2lb being awarded for each returned fish.

The winners for the second year in a row were the team representing Change FF AC 'A' who had 27 fish for 57lbs 4.6ozs. Their anglers were Kevin McCabe who had 10 for 21lbs 14.4ozs; Jock Kettles who had 8 for 17lbs 11.2ozs and Andy Dunn who had 9 for 17lbs 11ozs. In second place was St Fillans & Lochearn with 25 fish for 51lbs 4ozs. The St Fillans & Lochearn team were Ronnie Gilbert who had 13 fish for 27lbs 4.6ozs; Peter Auchterlonie who had 6 for 12lbs 3.6ozs and George Whyte who had 6 for 11lbs 11.8ozs.

In third place was Change FF AC 'B' with 23 fish for 49lbs 6.4ozs. Their team was Willie Leach who had 10 for 22lbs; Jim McBride who had 8 for 16lbs 11ozs and Jim Crawford who had 5 for 10lbs 11.4ozs. The fourth placed team was Newton Mearns FF who had 23 fish for 48lbs 11.6ozs. Their team was John Buchanan who had 13 fish for 26lbs 7.4ozs; Kenny Hunter who had 6 for 12lbs 8ozs and Billy Dewar who had 4 for 9lbs 12.2ozs.

The winning team found their fish in various areas of the Lake. Kevin worked his way along the Road Shore fishing buzzers with a slow retrieve on a midge tip line and dropped as many fish as he got to the net.

Jock found his fish in Gateside Bay and Reedy Point and had success with buzzers and a FAB. His fish tended to be tight to the shore.

Andy started off at Reedy Bay and dropped his first four fish. He continued through Reedy Bay and Hotel Bay fishing a cat booby, buzzers and dries on a midge tip and floating lines.

There were quite a few outstanding individual performances with only one fish separating the top three anglers. The best basket on the day was taken by Ronnie Gilbert (St Fillans & Lochearn) who had 13 fish for 27lbs 4.6ozs. John Buchanan (Newton Mearns FF) was second with 13 for 26lb 7.4ozs and Fraser Robertson (Canmore Forfar) who had 12 for 25lbs 5.4ozs was third.

Ronnie took his fish at Kates Brae where he was using a black cormorant, uv diawl bach and candy booby on a floating line.

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