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2022 Champion of Champions

Champion of Champions
2022 Champion of Champions
Sponsored by The Lake of Menteith
My Fishing Flies
Glencairn Crystal
Hope Embroidery
Life Technologies
Angus Angling
Champion of Champions
Sponsored by The Lake Of Menteith, Snowbee, Hope Embroidery,  Glencairn Crystal, Life Technologies, Angus Angling and My Fishing Flies
Friday 7th October 2022 - Lake of Menteith

The weather forecast on the run up to the Champion of Champions was not pleasant and with the country being battered by torrential rain and strong winds it was with some trepidation that the 53 competitors arrived at the Lake of Menteith on Friday 7th October.  Once again the location of Menteith provided some protection from the worst of elements and as the anglers set off it was fairly dry with only a moderate to strong wind.  Throughout the session we had heavy rain, hailstones and even the occasional clear skies.  The trout were not put off by the rain and by the end of the day some excellent bags had been put together.  The match was fished to a two fish kill followed by catch and release with 2lb being awarded for each returned trout.  Brown trout were excluded from the competition.  A total of 430 trout with a weight of 908lb 11.9oz were caught. Heavier trout were capped at 4lb and three fish between 4lb and 5lb  and 3 fish over 5lb  were brought to the scales.

Top rod and the 2022 Champion of Champions with 19 trout for 37lb 10.8oz was Graeme Lynch of Lochend FF.  Graeme spent almost the entire afternoon drifting onto the beach area in front of the lodge and provided entertainment for those sheltering in the warmth of the lodge.  Graeme received £100, a large box of flies from My Fishing Flies, a fly line from Snowbee, a fleece from Hope Embroidery, his winners medal and the trophy.

Angus Robertson of My Fishing Flies presenting the trophy and prizes to 2022 Champion of Champions, Graeme Lynch
Second placed Mark McNaughton receiving his prizes from Angus Robertson of My Fishing Flies.
In second place with 17 trout for 35lb 1.3oz and also from Lochend FF was Mark McNaughton. Mark received £50, a Snowbee fly line and his medal.  In third place with 15 trout for 31lb 3.7oz was the 2009 winner Gregor Fleming of Albacats FF.  Gregor also received £50, a Snowbee fly line and a medal.
3rd placed Gregor Fleming receiving his prizes from Angus Robertson of My Fishing Flies.
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