2023 River International - SANACC

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2023 River International

River Internationals

2023 River International
Friday 23rd June 2023
River Ebbw

At the river international on the River Ebbw on 23rd June Wales took the lead in the first session and stayed there through sessions 2,3 and 4 to take the gold medal with 37 placings.

In session one Wales had two firsts (Kyle Cheshire and Shaun Watkins) and two seconds to sit on 9 placings.  Scotland finished session one in a close second spot with 10 placings with two firsts (Martin Stewart and Richard McHattie) and two seconds.  Ireland's 12 placings with one first (Darius Simkus) put them in third.

Wales had a very successful session two with three firsts (Simon Barton, Terry Bramwell and Shaun Watkins) and two seconds to move further ahead with 16 placings.  Sotland remained in second with one first (Mark Straughen) and two seconds to sit on 23 placings.  Ireland had one first (Darius Simkus) and one second to remain in third on 26 placings.  

Ireland took session 3 with three firsts (Mark Sloan, Darius Simkus and Kevin Dunne) for a share of second place overall on 35 placings.  Wales stayed well ahead with one first (Simon Barton) and three seconds to put them on 27 placings.  Scotland had one first (Mark Straughen) and two seconds to be joint second on 35 placings.

Wales continued to dominate in the final session where their three firsts (Simon Barton, Kyle Cheshire and Robert Bending) put them ten placings clear on 37.  England had their best session with one first (Carl Nixon) and three seconds but stayed in fourth place with 65 placings.  Ireland moved into a clear second place with one first  (Mark Sloan) and two seconds to finish on 47 placings.  Scotland had one second in the final session to drop down to third overall on 52 placings.

Top individual rod was Simon Barton of Wales with three firsts and a second to finish on 5 placings.  Kyle Cheshire of Wales was close behind in second on 6 placings and 1186 points from two firsts and two seconds.  Scotlands top rod was Mark Straughen who finished third overall with two firsts and two seconds to finish with 6 placings and 1091 points narrowly missing out on the second spot.  Ireland's top rod was Mark Sloan on 7 placings from two firsts a second and a third.  Top rod for England was Stan Moore on 11 placings from two seconds a third and a fourth.
From Left:  Michael Callaghan (IFFA Secretary), Martin Stewart, Dick Logan,  Grant Gibson (captain),  Robert Maxwell, Mark Straughen,  Richard  McHattie and Paul Sharman (IFFA President)
Scotland Team

Grant Gibson (Captain)

Newtown St Boswells & Districts AA
Previous Caps:  12

Dick Logan

Coldstream & District AC
Previous Caps:  15

Richard McHattie

Club:  Ormiston AC
Previous Caps:  5

Martin Stewart

Club:  Ormiston AC
Previous Caps:  1

Mark Straughen

Coldstream & District AC
Previous Caps:  3

Robert Maxwell (Reserve)

Clatto & Stratheden AC

Dick Logan (Manager)

Coldstream & District AC
Previous Caps:  15
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