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2020 Fundraising & Sponsorship

Fundraising & Sponsorship

Fundraising & Sponsorship
Mick Tait Plumbing
George Charters
Painters & Decorators

Anglers Creel
Llyn Clywedog Trout Fishery

International Loch Teams:

7plus7 Construction, the Lake of Menteith Fishery, Fishers, Angus Angling and Seaguar are the main sponsors of the Spring and Autumn International Teams in 2020.  7plus7 Construction and Fishers have provided support for the teams since 2011 and this is the twelth year that the Lake of Menteith has sponsored the teams. They are joined in 2020 by Advance Construction, Howdens Joinery, Jewsons, St Andrews Timber & Building Supplies, Magnet Trade, McKenzie Skip Hire, Rydens and Stevenswood Trade Centre.. Their websites can be viewed by clicking on their logo. We are grateful to them for their continued support. The funding provided by them will be used to reduce the costs that would otherwise have to be paid by the individual team members.

The Fishers website can be viewed at www.fishersdirect.com
The Lake of Menteith website can be viewed at www.menteith-fisheries.co.uk
The 7plus7 Construction website can be viewed at www.7plus7.co.uk
Angus Angling's website can be viewed at www.angusangling.com
Seaguars website can be viewed at www.seaguar.com

Scottish National Trout Fly Fishing Championship

The 2020 Scottish National Trout Fly Fishing Championship will be sponsored for a seventh year by Ridgeline UK. The Ridgeline products can be viewed by clicking on the Ridgeline logo. The hook/fly measures used in the National are provided by 7 Plus 7 Construction and the paper used for the catch returns is provided by R & E Hygiene.

Three fundraisers have been organised starting with Loch Insch on 1st February followed by Parkview on 8th February and Cleughearn Fishery on 23rd February.  Pegs have been sponsored by Mick Tait Plumbing, NC Plumbing, Neil Scowan Mechanical Engineer, James Haig & Sons, Neill Barrett Electrical, R & E Hygiene, George Charters Painters & Decorators, Andrew Barrowman Heating Services, Derek Hessett Decorators, Wilson Gas Services,  Jack Robinson Embroidery,  Spannerama,  Milton Car Repairs,  Ekmot Ltd,  GP Properties,  KMS Fencing Ltd,  Cuirtus Motors,  Kings Park Motors,  Automek, Robert Ormiston Ltd,  West Coast Storage,  TVS Scotland Car Sales,  RM Body Repair,  ALS Autos,  RL Car Sales, JJM Car Sales,  Drumclog Plant Hire,  South Side Decorators,  Auld House Arms,  GB Roofing,  High Tech Garage Equipment,  AE Fisheries,  Fario Flies,  Auto Choice Car Sales,  Euro Windscreens,  Tom Kirk Wholesale Fishing Tackle and Harelaw Fishery .  Prizes have been provided by Fishers, Angus Angling, Comp Candy Flies, Llyn Clywedog Trout Fishery, Flybox, Anglers Creel, The Fly Shop, FNF, Fario Flies and Fulling Mill.  The loch teams wish to thank everyone who provided prizes or sponsored a peg or attended a fundraiser.  Your support is appreciated.

High Cleughearn Fishery
23rd February 2020

High Cleughearn Fishery hosted our third and final fundraiser on Sunday 23rd February and the teams are grateful to them for providing the fishery and also wish to thank Tracey for looking after the catering.  The event was organised by Matin McCafferty and Andy Dunn on behalf of the teams.  Gil Farid did a great job in ensuring that there was a good head of different kinds of trout to be caught and secured fantastic local support by way of sponsors for each of the 28 pegs.  The day was cold with a strong chilly wind but compared to the driving rain/snow experienced over recent days we were lucky to see some sunny spells.  The cold didn't put the fish off and the 28 anglers caught a total of 252 trout (all returned).  Seven double figure fish were caught with three of them being caught by Bobby Quinn.

The morning got off to a quick start with Ben Robertson taking the prize for the first fish of the day by netting his first at 8.56am.  The prize for the first fish in the afternoon went to Andy Gibb who also had one of the doubles.  There were a few competitors who seemed to be constantly into fish and at the end of the session it was Brian Mackenzie who came out on top with 25 trout. William Riddick was close behind in second with 23 trout and Andrew Barrowman was third with 19.
Brian Mackenzie (on right) receiving his prize from organiser Martin McCafferty
A delighted William Riddick in second place
third placed Andrew Barrowman
Scottish Loch Team Fundraiser
High Cleughearn Fishery
23rd February 2020

1stBrian Mackenzie25
2ndWilliam Riddicks23
3rdAndrew Barrowman19

Paul Sharp14

William Winning13

Brian Quinn13

Kyle McMillan12

Andrew Gibb11

Michael Low11

Bruce Callander10

Andy Smith10

Hunter Withers10

Graham Dempster9

John Webster8

Barry Lennon8

Mark Stephen7

Alex Bowler7

Ben Robertson7

Steven McVean6

Shug Shaw5

Nicky Cocozza5

Paul Clark4

Gary Brown4

Peter Batchelor4

Chris Tamburinni4

Duncan McDade3

Gary Blane

Rio Laird

Parkview Fishery Fundraiser
8th February 2020

The fundraiser at Parkview was organised for the teams by Wullie Simpson and was managed on the day by Rab Maxwell.  The teams wish to thank Wullie and Rab for their continuing support. They also wish to thank Jim and Edna for allowing us to use their Fishery and for providing great catering and a great day out.

The weather was kind to the anglers and although there was a cold blustery wind it stayed dry and the event was completed before the forecast storm arrived.  It was good to see so many competitors who regularly attend this fundraiser turn out again and it was never going to be easy to win with the 2016 winner (Ronnie Gilbert), the 2017 winner (Jock Kettles), and the 2019 runner-up (Paul Watt) taking on the 2020 winner of the Loch Team Fundraiser Cup (Derek Pozzi).  However it was the 2019 Natonal Champion Allan McLachlan who came out on top with 14 fish ahead of Derek Pozzi with 10 fish.  Local angler Dougie Couper was third with 9 fish.  Dougie has been ultra consistent at this event having been fourth last year and second in 2018.
Allan McLachlan receiving his prize from Rab Maxwell
2nd Derek Pozzi
3rd Dougie Couper
Parkview Fundraiser
8th February 2020
1stAllan McLachlan14
2ndDerek Pozzi10
3rdDougie Couper9

Stevie Bett7

Brian Mackenzie7

Jock Kettles6

Ronnie Gilbert4

Derek Sibson4

Lenny McKenna3


Paul McLean3

Paul Watt3

Greig Davie3

Neil Duff2

Derek Purves1

Michael Low1

Mark Watt1

Dougie Dargie1

Duncan Gray1

S Willouby
International Loch Teams Fundraiser Cup
Loch Insch - 1st February, 2020

Three fundraisers have been organised starting with Loch Insch on 1st February followed by Parkview on 8th February and Cleughearn Fishery on 23rd February.
Well Loch Insch did not disappoint. Although things did start off a little slow first thing in the morning, this might have been due to the cold wind coming in over the fishery.  However as the day progressed the wind did drop slightly. But on saying that fish were being landed on all three lochs in the morning.  Lots of the anglers started off fishing the bung with bugs about 6 foot under the bung, the other line of attack seemed to be slow intermediate lines with nymphs and fabs. Sport did pick up in the afternoon with fish being caught steadily on all three lochs. Word on the street was it was going to be a close one and they were correct. A total of 450 plus fish had been landed and safely returned to the water. The top five places:-  

1st place with 16 fish Derek Pozzi
2nd place with 15 fish Andy Dunn
3rd place with 14 fish William Riddick
4th place also with 14 fish Jimmy Rhind
5th place with 13 Andrew Barrowman.
Derek Pozzi receiving the Fundraiser Cup and his prizes
Andy Dunn receiving his second place prizes from organiser Jock Kettles
3rd placed William Riddick with his prizes
4th placed James Rhind receives his prizes
International Loch Teams Fundraiser Cup
Loch Insch Fishery - 1st February 2020

1stDerek Pozzi16
2ndAndy Dunn15
3rdWilliam Riddick14
4thJames Rhind14

Andrew Barrowman13

Brian Mackenzie13

George Charters12

Callum McKeown12

Kevin Neri11

Stuart Crockett11

Stephen Cowan11

Ronnie Ewen11

Lee Anderson10

Kieran Allison10

Tyler Hay10

Raymond Thomson10

Connor Wales10

Martin McCafferty9

Donald McCulloch9

Dan Brown9

Neil Scowan8

Jake Gilchrist8

Abigail Montgomery8

Callum Clark8

Grant Osler8

Allan McLachlan7

Kevin Riley7

Eck Moffat7

Kenny Riddell7

Donny Geddes7

Darren McPherson7

Scott Pozzi7

Rhys West7

Jim Doyle6

Tommy Graham6

Robert McPherson6

Allan Sarzy6

Neill Barrett5

Alan Paterson5

Kenny Sichi5

Peter Batchelor5

Garry Gormley5

Greg McLaren5

David Simpson5

Lee Sheran5

Scott Robertson5

Scott Jamieson5

Wullie Leach4

Ben Robertson4

Stevie Whitehead4

Michael McCallum4

Craig McKean4

Glen McHattie4

Scott Aitken4

Kenny Gray3

Jim Twaddle3

George Lugton3

Mikey Burke3

Kenny Thom3

John Thain3

Richard Power3

Raymond Davidson2

John Brown2

Zak Keil2

John Thomson1

Lewis Thomson1

James Graham1

Russell Dixon1

Jonathon Petrie1

Robert Prentice1

Bob Logan

Derek Hessett

Jim Crawford

Aaron Thain

Sandy MacCulloch

Richard McHattie

John Wilson

Kian Riley

Colin Broadhead

Fred McDonald
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