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National Youth Fly Fishing Championship International Youth Team: If you are under 18 and interested in fishing in the National Youth Fly Fishing Championship or the Scottish Youth Team then contact Arthur Wilkie on 07889950031

Angling for Young People at the Lake of Menteith: click on Lake of Menteith for information on youth angling at the Lake of Menteith

Scottish National Trout Fly Fishing Championship
Sponsored by Ridgeline UK
Heat 5 - Carron 3rd May 2016

Top rod in heat 5 was Gary McGinlay of Luggiebank FD with 16 trout for 17lbs 9.25ozs.  Grame Lynsh of Beith St Inans was second with 13 trout for 14lbs 13.5ozs and Donald Forbes of Strathleven FF was third with 11 trout for 12lbs 9ozs.  The top 16 qualify for the semi-finals.

Gary, Donald and Graeme

Ernie Mackay jnr, Mike Cordiner,
Karl Ferguson, Gordon Whyte
and Rab Maxwell
Scottish National Trout Fly Fishing Championship
Sponsored by Ridgeline UK
Heat 4 - Menteith 28th April 2016

Heat 4 at the Lake of Menteith went ahead despite the wintry conditions.  58 competitors took part with the top 29 qualifying for the semi finals.  Top rod was Ally Middlemas of Kinross AC with 17 fish for 33lbs 12ozs.  Allan Gamble of RAF Fish Hawks was second with 17 fish for 33lbs 2ozs and Scott Aitken of Tartan Tyers FF was third with 15 fish for 29lbs 12.5ozs.

Allan, Ally and Scott
Scottish National Trout Fly Fishing Championship
Heat 3 - Lintrathen - 26th April

Heat No 3 at Lintrathen on 26th April couldn't beat the wind, blizzards and cold and has been rescheduled to Friday 6th May.


The introduction of a levy on anglers has taken a step closer.  The Stakeholders Reference Group are advocating the introduction of a “management and development levy” raised directly from individual anglers that should be based on an annual fee, but offer a shorter term (eg week/month) option to cater for visitors and occasional anglers.  Sounds very much like a rod licence.  The relevant document can be read at

If you don't want to see the introduction of a rod licence then tell the government your views on their online consultation at


We had the Pole Tax
We have the Bedroom Tax
Is a TROOT TAX next?

84 of our clubs have let us know the views of their members on rod licences. 78 of them (92%) don't want a rod licence


The next stage of the process in the wild fisheries review can be viewed at the link below.  The possibility of rod licences in some form or another is still very much on the agenda and it is recommended that you read paragraphs 43 to 46

The Wild Fisheries Review report (where wild fisheries means all salmon and freshwater fisheries including stillwaters) was submitted to the Scottish Government at the end of 2014 and the government consultation period came to an end in August 2015. The report advocated the introduction of a ROD LICENCE and in case you are unaware of the review findings and the governments response you can read them at and

Scottish National Trout Fly Fishing Championship
Sponsored by Ridgeline UK
Heat 2 - Carron - 21st April 2016

The bright sun did not put off the rainbows at Carron for the second heat of the National there on 21st April.  The top 23 of the 46 competitors qualified for the semi final stage.  Top rod was John Buchanan of Newton Mearns FF with 16 fish for 18lbs 4.5ozs.  In second place was Ronnie Gilbert of Menteith Ospreys with 18 fish for 18lbs 3.75ozs and third was Andy Johnstone of Newton Stewart & District AA with 16 fish for 17lbs 14.75ozs.  All competitors received a packet of fritz provided by Frozen North Fly Fishing.  read more..
Andy, John and Ronnie
Scottish National Trout Fly Fishing Championship
Sponsored by Ridgeline UK
Heat 1 - Lake of Menteith

The 2016 Scottish National Trout Fly Fishing Championship, sponsored by Ridgeline UK, got under way with heat 1 at the Lake of Menteith on 19th April.  This is the 50th anniversary of the Lake of Menteith and the top 9 competitors were presented with bottles of beer which were labelled in recognition of the anniversary.  All competitors were presented with a pack of fly tying fritz provided by Frozen North Fly Fishing.

Top rod was Kevin McCabe of Change FF AC with 16 fish for 32lbs 9.5ozs.  Second spot went to Scott Pozzie of Rainbow AC with 11 fish for 21lbs 14ozs and in third was Rab Maxwell of Clatto & Stratheden AC with 10 fish for 18lbs 11.5ozs.  read more.....
photo: Kevin, Scott and Rab

AGM  Decisions

At the AGM on Sunday 6th March all three special resolutions were approved.  The Bye-Laws have been amended and clubs that want to take part in SANACC competitions now require to have been in existence for a minimum of one year and they must have a minimum of 12 members paying an annual subscription.  The committees for 2016 are on the committee page.

Brian Mackenzie and Jim Crawford handing the cheque to Amy Aitken of Yorkhill Childrens Hospital

Scottish Club Championship Donation to Yorkhill

At each of the Saturday night heats, semi-finals and finals of the Scottish Club Championship and the Champion of Champions, the anglers are encouraged to donate £1 each which is donated to the Cardiac Unit of Yorkhill Childrens Hospital.  Many of the clubs also donate the cheques that they receive as prizes in the finals.

On 25th February, Brian Mackenzie of the 2015 Scottish Club Champions, Neilston FF, along with Jim Crawford from finalists Change FF AC met with Amy Aitken from the Yorkhill Childrens Hospital Cardiac Unit and handed over a cheque for the £8,512 which has been donated by the anglers who took part in the Scottish Club Championships and Champion of Champions.  Amy was overwhelmed by the generosity of the anglers and explained that the money will be used for heart monitors. On behalf of Yorkhill Childrens Hospital she thanked everyone who had made a donation.

National Entries Received by 6th March:

19th April - 27
21st April - 45
26th April - 38 - FULL
28th April - 58 - FULL
3rd May - 25
10th May - 58 FULL
15th May - 30
17th May - 16
18th May - 24
19th May - 34

Competition Entry Forms & AGM Papers

The entry forms for the 2016 competitions along with the AGM papers went in the post to club secretaries on Tuesday 19th January. The entry fees for all the competitions and the annual subs have not been increased and remain the same as 2015. 

Fundraisers - 2016

The dates for our three fundraisers in aid of the 2016 international loch teams have been arranged and are set out below. Donations of prizes and peg sponsors would be appreciated. If you wish to donate prizes, sponsor a peg or book a place please get in touch with the organiser for the fundraiser you are interested in.

1. SANACC Loch Teams International Fundraiser Cup -

Markle - Saturday 6th February
9am to 3.30pm
£25 which inludes lunch
Contact either Nigel Burns at or Jock kettles at

2. Parkview - Sunday 21st February

£25 which includes lunch
Contact: Wullie Simpson at

3. New Haylie - Saturday 27th February

9am to 4pm
£25 which includes lunch
Contact either Andy Dunn or Alan Gilbert

New Haylie Fundraiser - 27th February

Brian Mackenzie stepped up on his fourth place at Markle to win the New Haylie Fundraiser with 17 fish and for good measure he also won a spot prize bottle of wine.  In second place with 13 fish was Kevin Andrews and third was Bobby Quinn with 11.  Bobby also won a spot prize bottle of wine and the third spot prize went to Alan Brock.  A total of 187 fish were caught and released.  The teams wish to thank George & Senga for providing a great days sport and lunch to match.  They also wish to thank Mrs Mackenzie for providing the cakes,  Andy Dunn, Gus Shepherd and Alan Gilbert for managing the event and of course Alex Bowler for providing his expertise as an auctioner and time keeper and for his ability to get in every photo.

Brian Mackenzie receiving
his prizes from Andy Dunn

 New Haylie Fundraiser
27th February
1stBrian Mackenzie17
2ndKevin Andrews13
3rdBobby Quinn11
4thCampbell Morgan10

Graham Lynch9

Neill Barrett9

Nigel Burns8

Michael Low8

Alan Steven8

Jim Crawford7

Scott Aitken7

Alan Hill7

Alan Brock5

Kenny Sichi5

Blaine Lyon5

Colin Macdonald5

Stewart Barclay5

Mark McNaughton5

Graham Steele4

Kenny McClymont4

Ally Middlemass4

Alan Martin4

Jim Mckinley4

Stevie Cowan3

Alan Brock(snr)3

Eileen Quinn3

Andrew McAdam3

Colin McGlone3

Kirk Lyon1

Ross Carnegie1

Ronny McKean 1

Shug Shaw
Parkview Fundraiser - 21st February 2016

The second fundraiser of the year was held at Parkview Fishery and once again Jim and Edna did a great job for us and produced an excellent days sport with catering to match.  A total of 116 fish were caught and released and they included fish of 8lbs,  8lbs 10ozs, 9lbs 8ozs and 10lbs 12ozs.  The lucky anglers who caught these beauties were awarded extra fish with the three under 10lbs counting as an additional 3 fish and the one at 10lbs 12ozs counting as an additional 4 fish.  There was very little to split the top three anglers all of whom had received a bonus of three additional fish.  Third spot went to Stewart Barclay with 11 fish.  Second place went to Euan McDougall with 12 fish and the overall winner was Ronnie Gilbert also with 12 fish.  With the top two being tied on 12 fish the result went to Ronnie Gilbert as he caught his first fish before Euan.
Ronnie Gilbert receiving his
prizes from Wullie Simpson 
The heaviest at 10lbs 12ozs was caught by Neil Anderson and the prize for the first fish of the day went to Neill Barrett.

The loch teams wish to thank all of the competitors and everyone who bought raffle tickets as well as the many sponsors and providers of prizes and of course Wullie Simpson who organised and managed the fundraiser for them.

Parkview  -  21st February

1stRonnie Gilbert12
2ndEuan McDougall12
3rdStewart Barclay11
4thMichael Low10

Derek Pozzi9

Grant Sutherland9

Neil Anderson9

Neill Barrett8

Jock Kettles7

Andy Dunn6

Richard Haughton5

Wullie Leach4

Sandy Sutherland4

Murray Hunter3

Derek Purves3

Stevie Anderson3

Derek Sibson3

Alan McLachlan3

Russell Dixon3

Alan Smith2

Colin Broadhead1

Ray Anderson1

Allan Smith1
SANACC Loch International Teams Fundraiser Cup
Markle 6th February 2016

Colin Macdonald of Dunoon & District AC won the 2016 SANACC Loch International Teams Fundraiser Cup.  Colin had 11 fish and having taken his first trout 9.19am he just got ahead of Andrew Barrowman of Granite City who also had 11.

On a day when 257 fish were caught it was a great way to get ready for the season ahead and everybody received a prize.  

SANACC International Loch Teams Fundraiser Cup
Markle 6th February 2016
1Colin MacDonald11
2Andrew Barrowman11
3Alan Brock9
4Brian Mackenzie9
5Stuart Malcolmson8
6Lee Cartmail8

Neill Barrett8

Derek Purves8

Wullie Brash7

Ray Anderson7

Jim Tuck7

Kerr Edwards7

Steve Cochrane7

John Cree6

Kenny Sichi6

Gordon Fisher6

Darrell Young6

David Tyrie6

Jim Doyle5

Keith Doig5

Ian Wilson5

Laurie Taylor5

Alan Brock snr5

Ronnie Robb5

Derek Hessett5

Stevie Whitehead5

Shane Kelly5

Kenny Hope5

Sandy page5

Wullie Leach4

Colin Harris4

Stuart Marklow4

Robert Anderson4

Mark Anderson4

Allan Gamble4

Brian Taylor4

George Penlin3

Andrew Glasgow3

Wee Eck3

Alex McEwan3

N Rayburn2

Ben Robertson2

Chris McGhee2

Chris Harkess2

Ally Middlemas2

Tracey Tuck2

Stewart Barclay2

Mark McEwan1

Ritchie Anthony1

Derek Pozzi1

Paul Harvey1

John Paul Maestri1

Murray Hunter1

Peter Edge1

I Evans1

Jim Hope

Russell Dixon

Malcolm Robinson

R Philips

Stevie Anderson


 Dates for 2016
6th MarchAGMKing Robert Hotel
19th AprilNational Championship HeatMenteith
21st AprilNational Championship Heat
24th AprilRiver Championship HeatRiver Tummel
26th AprilNational Championship Heat
28th AprilNational Championship Heat
1st MayRiver Championship Heat
River Tummel
3rd MayNational Championship Heat
7th MayScottish Club Championship HeatMenteith
10th MayNational Championship Heat
14th MayScottish Club Championship Heat
15th MayNational Championship Heat
15th MayRiver Championship Heat
River Tummel
17th MayNational Championship Heat
18th MayNational Championship Heat
19th MayNational Championship Heat
21st MayScottish Club Championship Heat
22nd MayRiver Championship Heat
River Tummel
27th MaySpring InternationalLough Lein
28th MayScottish Club Championship Heat
4th JuneScottish Club Championship Heat
11th JuneScottish Club Championship Heat
14th JuneNational Championship Semi FinalLinrathen
16th JuneNational Championship Semi Final
17th JuneNational Championship Semi Final
18th JuneScottish Club Championship Heat
24th JuneRiver InternationalRiver Don
25th JuneScottish Club Championship Heat
28th JuneNational Championship Semi Final
30th JuneNational Championship Semi Final
1st JulyNational Championship Semi Final
2nd JulyScottish Club Championship Heat
9th JulyScottish Club Championship Heat
16th JulyScottish Club Championship Heat
23rd JulyScottish Club Championship Heat
24th JulyRiver Championship FinalRiver Tummel
30th JulyScottish Club Championship Heat
19th AugustScottish Club Championship Semi FinalMenteith
26th AugustScottish Club Championship Semi FinalMenteith
10th SeptemberNational Championship FinalMenteith
23rd SeptemberAutumn InternationalLlandegfedd
30th SeptemberScottish Club Championship FinalMenteith
7th OctoberChampion of ChampionsMenteith
Stuart Marklow
2015 National Champion
Simon Cocker
River Champion 2015
Neilston Fly Fishers "B"
Scottish Club Champions 2015
Stewart Barclay
Champion of Champions 2015
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