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Scottish National Trout Fly Fishing Championship
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Scottish Club Championship
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National Youth Fly Fishing Championship International Youth Team: If you are under 18 and interested in fishing in the National Youth Fly Fishing Championship or the Scottish Youth Team then contact Arthur Wilkie on 07889950031

Angling for Young People at the Lake of Menteith: click on Lake of Menteith for information on youth angling at the Lake of Menteith

photo: Top 6
Alan Hill, Richard McHattie, Simon Cocker,
David Downie, Karl Ferguson and Jake Harvey

Scottish Club Championship
Sponsored by Angling Active and Keir Hardie Joinery
Heat 13 - 25th July

The last of the Saturday night heats was won by Change FF AC "B" team with 12 trout for 28lb 8.6oz. Cioldstream & District AA were second and Ferry Fly Fishers were third. read more

photo: Change FF AC "B"
Wullie Leach, Jim Crawford and Ray Anderson

Scottish Club Championship
Sponsored by Angling Active and Keir Hardie Joinery
Heat 12 - 18th July

Top club in heat 12 was Neilston FF. Styrathgryfe AA was second and Pitlochry AC were third. read more..

Scottish Club Championship
Semi Final Swap

A club that is in the second semi final on 28th August would like to swap with a club in the semi final on 21st August. If your club is scheduled to compete on the 21st and would be willing to swap to the 28th August please contact Kenny Miller.

Scottish Club Championship
Sponsored by Angling Active and Keir Hardie Joinery
Heat 11 - 11th July 2015

Heat 11 of the Scottish Club Championship was won by East Kilbride AC. Gartmore AC was second and Dows FFC was third. read more

Scottish Club Championship
Sponsored by Angling Active and Keir Hardie Joinery
Heat 10 - 4th July

Heat 10 of Scottish Club Championship took place on a lovely evening at Lake of Menteith. There was little wind and the 15 competing teams headed out to rising trout all over the Lake. At the evenings end, 134 trout had been caught with 64 being released, having a total weight of 295lb 2oz.

Top club on the night was the Caley Liners team of John Benson, John Simpson and Billy Muir who caught 20 trout for 42lb. 2nd place went to Select Fly Fishers team of Davy Wales, Alex Grant and Craig Hewitson with 13 trout for 28lb 5oz. 3rd place went to Butcher Boy AC with 12 trout for 26lb 7oz.

The top 5 rods on the night going forward to Champion of Champions on Friday 9th October were :-

1. David Wales, Select FF with 9 trout for 19lb 5oz
2. John Simpson, Caley Liners with 9 trout for 18lb 3oz
3. John Benson, Caley Liners with 8 trout for 17lb 1oz,
4. Jimmy McBride SPRA (East) with 6 trout for 14lb 2oz
5. Sandy McConnachie, Menteith Ospreys also with 6 trout for 13lb.

The heaviest trout was a rainbow of 5lb 9.2 oz weighed in by Avonbank angler Jim Fairlie.

Bottles of "Famous Angler" whisky courtesy of "Famous Grouse", were presented to the captain of winning team, angler with top catch- David Wales, and angler with heaviest trout - Jim Fairlie.

Scottish National Trout Fly Fishing Championship
Sponsored by Ridgeline UK
Semi Final No 6
Lake of Menteith 3rd July 2015

Geirge Whyte of St Fillans & Lochearn AA overcame the very hot conditions at the Lake of Menteith on Friday to win the last of the sem finals with 7 trout. Andrew Smart of CSSA (Rosyth) was second with 7 trout and Andrew Morgan of Merkister FF was third with 6 trout. read more..

Andrew Smart, George Whyte and Andrew Morgan

Fly Box Raffles for the 2015 Spring and Autumn Teams

The 2015 Spring and Autumn International Teams wish to thank everyone who purchased tickets for the fly box raffles. Tickets were sold for the box prepared by the Spring Team at the National prelims and it was drawn after heat 10. The box was won by Ian Muir of Grizzle Cats.

Tickets were sold for the box prepared by the Autumn Team during the semi finals and it was drawn yesterday after the last of the semi finals. The box was won by Ken Kennedy of Orkney TFA.

Scottish National Trout Fly Fishing Championship
Sponsored by Ridgeline UK
Semi Final No 5
Carron - 2nd July

Scott Aitken of Tartan Tyers FF won the 5th semi final at Carron with 15 trout for 13lb 13oz. Sean McCaffrey of North Shetland FF was second with 15 trout for 13lb 7.5oz and David McMillan snr was third with 10 trout for 10lb 9oz. Read more..

Sean, Scott and David

Scottish Club Championship
Sponsored by Angling Active and Keir Hardie Joinery
Heat 9 - 27th June

Rothes Oak won heat 9 of the Scottish Club Championship. Read more..

Ireland celebrate after winning the River International. Read more..


River International

River Liffey, Ireland

26th June 2015

























2015 Gold Medal Spring Team at Rutland

Back Row: Tyler Hay Alan Brock Dererk Purves Chris McAllister Ian Wilson Gus Shepherd(manager) Allan Smith
Front Row: Tom MacTaggart(IFFA President) Ronnie Gilbert Brian Mackenzie Brad Chalmers Kevin McCabe Paul Garner(Captain) Alan Gilbert Andy Dunn Nigel Burns George MacKenzie(International Secretary) Ian Campbell(IFFA Secretary)

Scottish Club Championship
Sponsored by Angling Active & Keir Hardie Joinery
Heat 8 - 20th June 2015

Heat 8 saw field of 16 teams competing, with one club fielding 2 anglers. Conditions were westerly light wind, still with a touch of coldness. Boats split west into malling shore, gateside and rookery. Easterly to road shore, Kates Brae and Lochend. A few boats headed through the gap to heronry and Sandy Bay.

Glasgow Post Office "A" team of Brian Kennedy, Andrew Kennedy and Calum Stephen were worthy winners catching 18 trout for 36lb 9oz. 2nd place fell to international caps Gus Shepherd, Colin MacDonald and Derek Keenan of Saltire FF "A" who netted 14 trout for 33lb 5oz. 3rd place to Drumbowie Fly Fishers "A" with 13 trout for 27lb 1oz These teams to 2nd semi final on 28th August. Unlucky fourth team were Beith St. Inans with 13 trout for 26lb 9oz. This team will go into draw with 4th placed in Heat 9 for remaining final team place. In all 99 trout were caught (42 being released) for a total weight of 224lb 1oz.

Top five rods on the night going to final of Champions on 9th October;-

1st place to Dave Clark Drumbowie Fly Fishers with 8 fish for 16lb 12 oz

2nd place to Calum Stephen of Glasgow Post Office with 7 trout for 15lb 5oz
3rd place to Mark McNaughton, Beith St Inans, with 6 trout for 12lb 11oz
4th Colin MacDonald Saltire Fly Fishers with 5 trout for 12lb 9oz
5th place to Brian Kennedy Glasgow Post Office with 6 trrout for 11lb 4oz

Heaviest fish was a rainbow of 4lb 9oz caught by Saltire angler Colin MacDonald. Team captain, angler with heaviest catch and captor of heaviest fish all received bottles of Famous Angler whisky

Scottish National Trout Fly Fishing Championship
Sponsored by Ridgeline UK
Semi Final No 3 - Leven 19th June

Donald McGregor of Kinross AC won the 3rd semi final with 6 fish. Michael Thomson of Butcher Boy AC was second with 3 fish and Ally Middlemass of Kinross AC was third with 2 fish. read more

Michael, Donald and Ally

Spring International
Rutland Water - 29th May 2015

Scotland won the Spring International with 66 trout. Gus Shepherd got his tenure as manager of the Scottish Loch Teams off to a great start at Rutland when Scotland, captained by Paul Garner, took the gold medal. England were five trout behind in second with Ireland third and Wales fourth. Top rod and winner of the Brown Bowl with 12 fish was Scotland's Derek Purves with Scotland's Alan Gilbert second with 11 fish.

Captain Paul Garner
Manager Gus Shepherd
International Secretary George MacKenzie

2015 Spring International

Rutland Water - 29th May 2015











1 1/8










6 3/8





10 3/8

Jock Kettles, Captain of the Spring Loch Team which is going to Lough Sheelin this year, recently met with Michael Wilson of Fishers and is now able to announce that Fishers will sponsor the loch teams for the next five years.

Michael provided support to the teams last year and is now stepping up that support alongside his plans to expand Fishers. Fishers is a dedicated tackle store situated in John Street Precinct, Penicuik and is owned and run by Michael Wilson. Despite being a new company established in 2009 Fishers has experienced rapid growth with plans for expansion in 2012.

Fishers retail Game, Sea, Coarse & Predator tackle, fly tying equipment, clothing and baits most of which are available either in store or online at

Michael stocks huge brands such as Hardy, Greys, Airflo, Vision, Wychwood, Rio, Snowbee, Riverge, Veniard, Flybox, Kamasan, Fulling Mill, Caledonia, Masterline, Cortland, Loon, Anvil, Drennan, Redington, Shimano, Lee Wulff, Fishpond and many more.

photo: Jock (left) with
Michael Wilson

Michael explained that the Fishers' reputation for first class service and competitive pricing has come straight from the anglers who use us and not from bold advertising claims, leading to the decision to give something back to the sport with Fishers being a proud sponsor of the Scottish International fly fishing squad 2012.

Jock described the sponsorship as fantastic news for the teams. The cost of the internationals increases each year and when this sponsorship is put alongside all the other support that is provided for the teams and the fundraisers they run each year it means that representing Scotland at the loch internationals is affordable for all.

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